Case Study: E-Commerce Development for Raday Antiquarian Bookshop

Raday E-Commerce Case Study


Client: Raday Antiquarian Bookshop
Industry: Retail (Antiquarian Books)
Services Provided: E-commerce Development, IT Consultation, SEO Optimization
Timeline: July 2021 - Present

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Before July 2021, Raday Antiquarian Bookshop, a well-respected Budapest-based antiquarian business, had no online presence. Despite a significant inventory of rare, valuable, and used books, sales were limited to manual uploads on online trading platforms. Past software development experiences had been unfavorable, leaving the company hesitant about venturing into e-commerce development.


Raday Antiquarian Bookshop faced several obstacles in establishing an online store. Initial software development costs were high, and subsequent modifications to make the software fully functional incurred additional, unexpectedly high expenses. Concerns over the total cost of development led to the abandonment of the project, leaving them without a viable online system.


Bluebird provided an innovative approach to these challenges, understanding that the key to success was making Raday’s inventory visible and sellable online. We developed a comprehensive solution encompassing a back office system, an e-commerce website, and an interface for data synchronization, all at no upfront cost to Raday. Instead, a commission model from sales revenue was agreed upon, ensuring mutual benefits and long-term partnership.


This project not only revitalized Raday’s business model but also set a precedent for successful digital transformation in traditional sectors. The collaboration between Raday Antiqurian Bookshop and Bluebird highlights the power of innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and the potential for traditional businesses to thrive in the digital age. Our journey with Raday is ongoing, and we look forward to reaching new heights together.

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