Case Study: IT Staff Augmentation for Affidea

Affidea Case Study

About Affidea

Affidea, a leading provider of diagnostic and cancer care services, faced challenges in scaling its project management capabilities to match its growth and needed specialized staff to manage complex IT projects within healthcare. The company opted for IT Staff Augmentation, specifically targeting project management expertise, to overcome these hurdles.

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About Bluebird

Bluebird, operating in the United States and Hungary, is a tech recruitment and software development company providing IT Staff Augmentation services, Tech Recruitment, and software development services to firms in the IT and technology sectors. We focus heavily on thoroughly assessing both the professional backgrounds and personalities of IT experts.

Continental Case Study – Bluebird

The Objective

The approach began with a detailed assessment of Affidea’s project management needs, followed by a focused recruitment drive to identify candidates with healthcare IT experience and the ability to navigate multicultural environments.

A structured onboarding process ensured new project managers integrated smoothly with existing teams, emphasizing Affidea’s culture and operational processes. Continuous support and evaluation mechanisms were also put in place to monitor performance and impact.

The Result

This strategic augmentation resulted in Affidea being able to handle more projects simultaneously, improved project delivery timelines and budget adherence, and fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the team. The flexibility to scale project management resources as needed offered both operational flexibility and cost efficiency.

Key takeaways included the critical role of cultural fit in augmenting staff, the effectiveness of tailored onboarding programs, and the necessity of continuous communication among all stakeholders for aligning expectations and swiftly addressing challenges.