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About the Case Study

Convinced by our extensive experience in web development, Nordart, a market leader in heating systems has entrusted us with improving the look, feel, performance and load speed of their web store. Let's take a look at how our team at Bluebird improved their customers' experience on their site – and how we established an ongoing long-term partnership with Nordart.

Our Client

Nordart, founded in 1992, is one of the leading companies in the Hungarian electric heating market. Until 2008, their main activities were consulting, training, sales and project management. They subsequently became a distributor of electric heating systems. After narrowing their business scope, they became the official Hungarian distributor of the Norwegian Adax and Glamox heaters. Over the years, they have expanded their profile to include products made by the Norwegian Beha, towel driers from the French company Atlantic and electric heating cables by the Polish Elektra. By 2017, Nordart had built up a network of resellers throughout Hungary.

Apart from constant growth, Nordart's aim is to bring to the fore the modern and efficient heating solutions distributed solely by them in Hungary. They use multiple sales methods, including personal sales in their outstanding showrooms, online sales, and sales to special partners.

Our story together began in October 2022...

The Challenge

Why did Nordart contact us?

The advancement of Nordart's multi-million dollar web store required the involvement of an IT company with extensive experience in the domain.

During our first conversation, it became clear that we would be able to provide them with a solution that would take the burden of the accumulated web store development tasks off their shoulders.

While still in the bidding process, our expert team identified issues that went unnoticed by our competitors. This convinced them that Bluebird was indeed the best candidate for this partnership.

Nordart decided to hand the challenge over to Bluebird, a reliable, high-performing company with a long history of completed software development projects.

Pre-offer measures

After the necessary non-disclosure agreements had been signed, we were able to get an idea of the state of the code base on their server. Following a thorough review, we indicated to them the actions that needed immediate intervention and then agreed on the requirements for the development process. We determined the optimal performance requirements of the server and estimated the time needed for the migration process.

The Solution

Once the proposal was completed and the contract signed, we created a development environment, configured the live and test servers, and then performed the move at a pre-agreed, business-friendly time.

Hardware changes: Fivefold increase in SSD speed

When it came to choosing hardware, we opted for best-quality components tailored to Nordart’s exact needs. Before starting the migration process, we had chosen a server that we knew would meet their needs in terms of speed and reliability. As a result, the site became up to several seconds faster without implementing any changes in code.

We have reduced the memory capacity from 16 gigabytes of RAM to 8 gigabytes of RAM. After reviewing the historical data, it became clear that the memory capacity they used was considerably higher than necessary, but there was significant room for improvement in terms of quality and technology. After implementing efficient configuration settings, we achieved the same performance with much better quality. The NVMe SSD storage (about 3,500 MB/s) we switched to made stored data available to clients 536% faster—and the increased memory performance has resulted in further performance gains.

Updating software versions

Once the system was up and running, we found no errors in its operation on our side. Subsequent issues reported by the client were fixed within 24 hours. One of the key actions identified during the review was to update outdated software versions, so PHP 7.2, Laravel 5.5 and all other necessary components were updated. This also made the site remarkably fast and eliminated some issues they had encountered before.

Laravel and PHP

  • One of the challenges was to avoid all possible 500 errors that might occur in different parts of the site. (A 500 error is a server-side error that indicates a general server error. This error code is usually returned to the browser when something goes wrong on the server).

  • Laravel 5.5 did not yet have as strict security requirements as Laravel 6. It was necessary to include new functionality in the code and rewrite certain parts to avoid vulnerabilities.

  • In the new Laravel version, tokenization is mandatory for API calls, which was not required before. As a consequence, problems occurred when editing locations in the admin interface because the code was not prepared to receive the token. The introduction of extra validation was necessary to avoid incorrect processing of the token as a location.

  • Fixing issues and upgrading the Nordart website to Laravel 6 was a complex and time-consuming process, but we succeeded in making the website more secure and stable. In the future, all error rates will be significantly reduced and errors will occur in fewer and fewer locations—and these will easily be fixed, thanks to extensive testing.

  • In PHP version 8.1, the configuration of the function used to encode HTML characters has been improved, allowing the correct data to be sent to the credit card payment provider. After these kinds of improvements, a payment system can run smoothly.

  • A minor problem in the KeySoft synchronisation code had to be addressed. This was due to the query of a variable that was allowed in earlier PHP versions but which was no longer working in the new PHP version.

Test email and Deployment Guide

We have created a test email sending feature that allows you to test timed emails without having to place a new order on the site.

We've updated the deployment guide several times, which allows us to smoothly deploy new versions to live, staging and local environments.

In the offer emails, we've added an access code to the link leading to the offer. This way, 404 error messages—in case a registered customer tries to open the offer without logging in—can be avoided. (A 404 error is a "not found" status code for the HTTP protocol. If a website is not found on your server, the browser will return a 404 error message).

After the updates

After a user acceptance test on the test server, the changes have been made live. The new system is now running on PHP 8.1 and the new 9.0 Laravel version.

Nordart homepage

Nordart homepage

Nordart category page

Nordart category page

Nordart calculator

Nordart calculator

The Results

Thanks To The Improvements, The Store Is Now Stable, Reliable And Error-Free.

All Processes Are Faster:

  • Content management: updating products, categories, prices and descriptions, adding and removing new products
  • Order management: receiving and processing orders, tracking delivery and payment

  • Stock management: tracking stock, managing preparation based on orders

  • Database management: database maintenance, making backups

  • Website maintenance: installing security updates, bug fixes, search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Web analytics: traffic monitoring, visitor behavior analysis

This is also helped by the fact that we are constantly implementing new features on the site. These improvements are made on a monthly basis, enriching the current software and making it easier for Nordart’s staff to do their daily work. And their customers will find it infinitely easier to browse the site and place orders.

In the next phase of the project, we are going to collect our development suggestions and customer needs in a common backlog. We are going to process these needs based on customer prioritization in addition to executing regular monthly deliveries.

Acceleration of loading speeds

As a result of the move to the right web server (and proper configuration), the site’s load time has increased by 68.9%, significantly improving the user experience.

NordArt load speed - 1.23s

Nordart's current loading speed (8 January 2023)

Our Further Cooperation

Thanks to the success of our partnership and the high quality of our services, Nordart has decided to continue working with us.

We provide them with a very fast response time, which means that in priority cases we fix any emerging issues within 2 days. Furthermore, we start any software development work within 5 days with a specified deadline, which we always strictly adhere to.

In early 2023, we will help them set up a structure in which not only an aggregated central stock will be displayed, but also the number of products stored in individual consignment warehouses. This solution will ensure optimized logistics.

Technologies/Tools Used

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MySql Devops
Backend framework - Lavavel - Bluebird Blog
Bootstrap website development
Website development - Bluebird
Redis for website development - Bluebird


Our services have helped Nordart's development efforts greatly by eliminating delays and finding more cost-effective solutions for them (e.g., switching to an NVME SSD, which allows for a fivefold increase in speed). Multi-layered communication and an experienced development team ensured the success of the project and the development of a new partnership.

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