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About The Case Study

How did we help HOLD Asset Manager place their expansive website on a new, optimized technological footing and make their site lightning fast and customer-friendly? What were the results of our partnership? Read on to find out how Bluebird's expertise contributed to the success of HOLD's websites.

Our Client

Founded in 1994, HOLD Asset Management is Hungary's largest independent fund manager. It holds a prominent position in the investment services market in Hungary, where it is one of the most-awarded asset and fund management companies. They are currently responsible for managing more than $1.4 billion in assets.

The Challenge

HOLD asked us to carry out the technology migration of three of its content-rich websites,, and The aim was to enable both customers and staff to perform their tasks on a stable and reliable platform – with significantly easier content management than with their previous web solution. The complexity of the task lay in its sheer size: the combined content of the websites exceeded 10,000 pages. Executing the migration process with this content volume required the help of a company with decades of experience.

In addition to this, our team at Bluebird was also tasked with migrating the entire content of the HOLDBLOG section to another domain.

The Solution

Creation Of A New Website: WordPress, Web Development, New Structure And Design

The previous architecture was implemented with a Node.Js frontend for both the Hungarian and English sites, as well as for the admin page that performs CMS functions. All 4 previous sites were based on a backend solution using Node.Js technology, which was further connected to a MySQL database and a file server.

HOLD previous solution

The migration of the sites to WordPress was preceded by thorough planning to achieve the appropriate technological quality and level of security.

Once the various technical, formal and design requirements of the sites had been established, the development team carried out the necessary development tasks, created the needed structure and design, and prepared the sites for further fine-tuning. In accordance with industry standards, we created a responsive design, which ensures that the site can adapt to any screen size and provide optimal user experience on all devices. Responsiveness is also key for achieving higher conversion rates and search engine optimization.

In addition to executing the technology migration, we aimed to dynamically increase the traffic and conversion rates of the websites. This required us to implement complex structural and technological changes. In order to achieve optimal functionality, we also needed to redesign the menu structure, create product pages, structurally improve additional pages and the sites’ SEO. These changes can be a major contribution to the success of a website.

Website load speed optimization

One of the most important tasks following the structural design was to optimize the website loading speed for different platforms, whose required minimum values were set by our partner. To measure this, we used the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Achieving optimal page speed not only has a significant impact on the user experience, but is also an important factor in the SEO evaluation of the website.

To ensure proper speed optimization, we installed and configured cache and CSS plugins. We also implemented some additional fine-tuning, such as optimizing image sizes and other attributes.

The Results

  • We successfully executed the technology migration of over 10,000 pages of web content – large and complex technical tasks don't scare us!
  • We significantly reduced website load speeds (cache, CSS plugin installations, configuration).
  • By applying our SEO expertise, we laid the groundwork for better ranking in search engines, which is a prerequisite for achieving high traffic.
HOLD homepage homepage 

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HOLDBLOG screenshot

Technologies/Tools Used

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Which Bluebird services did our client use?

Technology migration: the HOLD Asset Manager websites were given a completely new technical background; the existing pages were migrated to WordPress after careful planning. We developed plugins tailored to their exact needs.

Site migration: We migrated the material published on HOLDBLOG to a new domain.

Implementation of SEO best practices, SEO tools setup: We laid the groundwork for the site's future success in search engines.

When do we recommend you our similar services?

  • If you need a technological overhaul of your site – even with thousands or tens of thousands of pages!
  • If you want to make your website more reliable and easier to manage.
  • If you want your site to perform as fast as possible.