Finding an IT Job: Myths and Realities

Balazs Refi

May 23, 2024

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Our "Finding an IT Job: Myths and Realities" blog post will help you understand how you could easily find your dream IT job. Tips and tricks.


I believe this blog post gives you a clear insight into the how to find a job in IT. We'll dispel some misconceptions about what channel to look through, how to look, the importance of the perfect CV, how OK it is to retrain to IT, and how to look for IT jobs.

I hope you'll have a clearer picture of the job search and I also hope that, even if it's just 1 or 2 thoughts, we can help you succeed in your IT career. 

Below you can see 20 myths about finding an IT job. If you would like to contribute your own insights, don't hesitate to send them to us!


Myth: Only large tech companies offer good IT jobs.

Reality: Startups and small businesses often provide excellent opportunities and growth.

"Expand your search to include smaller companies and network within your local tech community."


Myth: You should apply to as many IT jobs as possible.

Reality: Quality over quantity. Tailor your application to each job.

"Research each company and role, then customize your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant experience."


Myth: IT jobs are only available in major cities.

Reality: Remote work has made IT jobs accessible from anywhere.

"Connect with an IT Staff Augmentation business to find remote IT projects."


Myth: You need a Computer Science degree to get an IT job.

Reality: Many IT roles value certifications and hands-on experience over formal education.

"Focus on earning relevant certifications and building a portfolio of projects to demonstrate your skills."


Myth: Job boards are the best way to find IT jobs.

Reality: Networking, referrals and working with recruitment agencies often lead to better opportunities.

"Attend industry events, join professional groups, and connect with companies like Bluebird International on LinkedIn."


Myth: IT certifications aren't worth the time and money.

Reality: Certifications can significantly boost your resume and knowledge.

"Invest in reputable certification programs that are recognized in the industry."


Myth: All IT jobs are highly technical.

Reality: Many IT roles require a mix of technical and soft skills.

"Develop communication, project management, and problem-solving skills alongside technical abilities."


Myth: If you don't get a job quickly, you never will.

Reality: Persistence and continuous learning are key to landing an IT job.

"Stay updated with industry trends, keep improving your skills, and don't get discouraged by rejections."


Myth: Age is a barrier to entering the IT field.

Reality: Diverse experiences and perspectives are valued in IT.

"Highlight your transferable skills and lifelong learning mindset."


Myth: You need to live in Silicon Valley to succeed in IT.

Reality: IT hubs are spread across the globe, and remote work is thriving.

"Explore job markets in various regions and leverage remote job opportunities."


Myth: Employers only care about your technical skills.

Reality: Cultural fit and teamwork are equally important.

"Showcase your ability to work well in teams and adapt to company culture in your interviews."


Myth: IT jobs are only for men.

Reality: The IT industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity.

"Look for companies with strong diversity and inclusion policies and support networks."


Myth: You can only get an IT job through traditional applications.

Reality: Many IT jobs are filled through direct referrals and networking.

"Build a strong professional network and let people know you’re looking for opportunities."


Myth: Freelancing isn’t a viable career path in IT.

Reality: Freelancing can lead to substantial career growth and flexibility.

"Build a strong portfolio and connect with reliable IT Staff Augmentation companies like Bluebird International."


Myth: IT jobs are monotonous and lack creativity.

Reality: Many IT roles require innovative problem-solving and creativity.

"Look for positions that involve designing solutions or developing new products."


Myth: It's too late to switch to an IT career.

Reality: Many professionals successfully transition to IT from other fields.

"Identify transferable skills, seek relevant education, and start with entry-level roles."


Myth: The IT job market is saturated.

Reality: There is a high demand for skilled IT professionals in various niches.

"Focus on developing in-demand skills and engage emerging technologies."


Myth: Online courses aren’t as valuable as traditional education.

Reality: Many employers recognize and value online education, especially from reputable platforms.

"Complete courses from well-known online platforms and include them on your resume."


Myth: All IT jobs require long hours in front of a computer.

Reality: Many IT roles involve collaboration, meetings, and varied activities.

Look for roles that offer a mix of desk work and interactive tasks.


Myth: Employers don't care about soft skills in IT.

Reality: Soft skills like communication, teamwork, and adaptability are crucial in IT roles.

"Demonstrate your soft skills through examples in your resume and during interviews."

We hope you found our article on Finding an IT Job useful.

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