Fintech Recruitment: Specialized Tech Talent from Bluebird

Whether you’re looking for remote, permanent team members for a fintech role or need a savvy expert for the duration of a specific project, we're here to find exactly the person you're looking for.

In search of senior, thoroughly vetted tech talent for Fintech Roles?

Specialized tech recruitment can significantly boost efficiency in banking projects. Our recruiters and sourcers possess a deep understanding of the specific technological needs unique to the financial sector. We specialize in identifying candidates with the right blend of technical skills, so that banks and fintech companies receive highly qualified, remote professionals who can hit the ground running.

This targeted approach reduces hiring time and guarantees that projects are staffed with experts capable of driving innovation.

Ready to take fintech recruitment off your plate?

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Fintech Recruitment: Domains We Cover

Our company specializes in recruiting top-tier tech professionals for the fintech sector, focusing on the following key areas:

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

We connect businesses with experts skilled in blockchain and DLT, key for driving innovations like cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and transparent, secure record-keeping across various applications, including supply chain management and secure transactions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

We also have access to a wide network of specialists in AI and ML, who are essential for fintech solutions in fraud detection, risk management, and enhancing customer service with chatbots. These professionals excel in analyzing extensive data sets to unveil patterns, make predictive analyses, and streamline decision-making processes.

Big Data Analytics

We provide talent proficient in big data analytics, crucial for transforming massive data volumes into actionable insights. This expertise is vital for credit scoring, market analysis, and understanding customer behaviors, driving informed decision-making in fintech.

Bluebird Insights: Quoted from our Experts

The data we have needs to be accessible in a way that allows for easy analysis. It’s especially important that analysts—data analysts, data scientists—work with data that is properly prepared and available in the desired structure. The role of the data engineer is to ensure the data meets the necessary quality standards.

It’s important for data experts to collaborate and establish a work division that makes their processes smoother and more productive. Based on feedback received from analysts, a data engineer continuously fine-tunes the data pipelines, enabling them to perform their tasks more efficiently.

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Peter Kiraly | LinkedIn

Data Engineer

Peter Kiraly

Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets

The shift towards mobile-based financial services is tangible. We specialize in placing professionals who can develop and manage solutions for contactless payments, peer-to-peer transfers, and mobile banking. Hello, secure and convenient transactions!

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

If you're looking for experts who excel in API development and integration, you're in the right place. These professionals are responsible for seamless communication between various financial services and enhancing connectivity among banks, payment systems, and other financial entities.

Cybersecurity Technologies

Given the critical importance of data security in fintech, we also source professionals skilled in advanced cybersecurity measures, including encryption, biometric data authentication, and secure access protocols to safeguard sensitive financial information.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our recruitment efforts extend to experts in RPA, who streamline financial operations by automating routine, rule-based tasks, enhancing efficiency, and reducing manual errors in the financial sector.

Cloud Computing

We also provide talent adept in cloud computing, offering fintech companies scalable and flexible infrastructure solutions to host applications, manage vast data, and maintain efficient operations... all while optimizing IT costs.

Payment Gateway Technologies

Payment gateway technologies are crucial for secure and efficient online transaction processing, empowering merchants to accept a variety of electronic payment methods.

Fintech Sector: Roles We Recruit For

Fintech is a niche that requires specialized knowledge, advanced technological skills, and a deep understanding of the financial market. We have access to a network of highly qualified candidates and understand the unique skills and experience required in each field. We can help you quickly find the right talent with the specific tech expertise needed, be it in the field of digital banking, blockchain technology, AI, cybersecurity, or something else entirely.

Software Development and Engineering

Java Developers

Java developers are essential for building secure, high-performance back-end systems for banking applications, trading platforms, and payment processing systems. Java's solid security features and scalability make it a preferred choice for enterprise-level financial software solutions.

Bluebird can find you exactly the Java developers you need, experienced in Spring Boot, Hibernate, Apache Kafka, RESTful APIs, Jenkins, or something more specialized like Quarkus, Micronaut, Akka, Apache Camel, or Vert.x.

JavaScript Developers

They play a crucial role in creating interactive and user-friendly front-end designs for fintech applications like digital wallets, online banking, and investment platforms, utilizing frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js. They often work with Redux, Vuex, TypeScript, Webpack, and Babel, all technologies we can find the right experts for.

Fullstack Developers

These versatile professionals work on both the front-end and back-end of fintech applications, contributing to the entire development lifecycle of projects such as blockchain-based solutions, financial planning tools, or payment gateways.

Other common technologies include Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Mobile Developers

With the increasing demand for mobile banking and payment apps, they focus on developing user-friendly, secure mobile applications for iOS and Android, enhancing customer experience in personal finance management and transactions.

.NET Developers

Specializing in Microsoft's .NET framework, these developers create powerful, scalable fintech solutions like asset management systems, invoicing software, or banking applications, ensuring integration with other Windows-based systems.

C & C++ Developers

C & C++ developers are crucial for developing high-frequency trading algorithms, real-time financial processing systems, and other performance-sensitive applications in fintech, where execution speed and resource efficiency are key.

Python Developers

Given Python's extensive use in data analysis, algorithmic trading, and cryptographic security, these developers are key to creating and maintaining various fintech tools, from predictive analytics software to blockchain applications.

AI/ML Engineers

These professionals develop algorithms and models that enable fintech applications to perform tasks such as predictive analyticsnatural language processing, and personalized customer experiences without explicit programming. In this domain, they apply AI and ML to improve fraud detection, enhance risk management, and offer customized financial advice.

Fintech Recruitment: Fintech Developers – Bluebird

Data Management and Analytics

DWH (Data Warehouse) + BI (Business Intelligence) Developers

DWH + BI developers manage and analyze financial data, supporting decision-making processes in fintech companies with tools and systems for data warehousing and business intelligence, which is crucial for market analytics, customer insights, and regulatory reporting.

Data Scientists and Data Engineers

In fintech, these experts leverage big data to drive decision-making and product development, applying their skills in machine learning models, predictive analytics, and data management to areas such as risk assessment, customer segmentation, and fraud detection.

Bluebird Insights: Quoted from our Experts

Working with experienced data engineers is especially important when it comes to fintech software development. Financial transactions generate a large amount of data quickly, which must be processed efficiently. In addition to the real-time processing of online transactions, response time is also extremely important.

A well-prepared and experienced data engineer knows the tools and methods with which to build scalable, robust, fault-tolerant, and flexible solutions. They effectively separate real-time and batch processing to ensure that the right data is produced at the right place and time.

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Peter Kiraly | LinkedIn

Data Engineer

Peter Kiraly

Project and Process Management

Project Managers

PMs oversee financial technology projects from inception to completion. They are responsible for timely delivery within budget and scope, coordinating teams developing payment solutions, regulatory reporting software, or customer relationship management systems.

Business Analysts

Business analysts bridge the gap between IT and business needs, identifying requirements for new financial technology products like mobile banking apps, insurance tech applications, or peer-to-peer lending platforms, and ensuring they meet market and regulatory demands.

Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters are there to help agile project management in fintech software development. They  smooth collaboration among teams working on various projects, from cryptocurrency exchanges to regulatory compliance systems.

Quality Assurance & Security

Automation Testers

They are responsible for the reliability and performance of fintech applications through automated testing frameworks, critical in areas such as mobile banking, fraud detection systems, and other financial software, where precision is non-negotiable.

System Analysts

They analyze and design information systems in financial technology projects, improving business processes and technology solutions in areas like electronic trading systems, financial reporting, and compliance monitoring.

Infrastructure & Operations


These specialists work on the operations and development intersection, enhancing financial software delivery through continuous integration and deployment, infrastructure automation, and operational support, particularly vital in high-stakes environments like stock trading platforms.


Architects design the overall structure of fintech systems, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency in architectures supporting online payment systems, financial data aggregation, or cross-border money transfer services.

Our Fintech Recruitment Process. Simple and Streamlined


Complete a discovery call

Tell us more about your business on a discovery call! We’ll briefly discuss the position(s) to see how we can help. We'll go over the timeline and success criteria, and answer any questions you may have.


Discuss the position(s) in detail

After signing a contract, we go through your requirements together in detail so that we really understand who and what you're looking for. 

Then the search begins: we interview candidates who are close fits for the role.

In just days, we’ll hand-pick experts whose skills and tech stacks match your specific needs, paying close attention to culture fit.


Make an offer

After interviews and/or any additional tests on your side (if needed), it's time to make the offer—and your new remote employee can start work.

Bluebird as your Fintech Recruitment Partner


We are not swayed by fleeting goals. Committed to long-term success over short-term gains, we prioritize accountability and reliability—aiming to execute each project with maximum dedication and to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


We know that each project and each client is unique. Some prioritize speed, others prioritize finding that unicorn. Whether you need someone as a permanent hire or for the duration of your fintech project, we're here to find exactly the person you're looking for.

Trusted by Fortune 500s

When it comes to tech staffing, we have a proven track record in  providing IT experts for global Fortune 500 companies. With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, we have the experience and resources to find the experts you're looking for.

Fintech Recruitment: Specialized Help From Expert Sourcers & Recruiters

Our recruiters specialize in tech and know the industry like the back of their hand. This is why our fintech recruitment services will always beat non-specialist internal hiring.

Our sourcers and recruiters have deep IT& tech knowledge.

Our specialist recruiters have a strong understanding of technical concepts, programming languages, software development methodologies, and IT frameworks relevant to the positions they're recruiting for. This knowledge allows them to effectively evaluate candidates' technical skills and pinpoint great fits.

We have the right network and connections.

Bluebird sourcers and recruiters have extensive networks within the tech community, including connections with top talent, industry professionals, and technology companies. These networks allow them to access specialized talent pools and engage with passive candidates, people you would otherwise miss out on.

We speak tech.

Effective communication is crucial for a tech recruiter to establish rapport with candidates, hiring managers, and other stakeholders. Our staffing experts excel in both verbal and written communication: they clearly convey job requirements, candidate profiles, and provide feedback throughout the recruitment process.

Ethical standards and integrity? We've got your back.

We at Bluebird adhere to ethical standards and maintain integrity throughout the tech staffing process. They know the importance of transparency, honesty, and confidentiality, and respect both clients' and candidates' interests while representing them professionally.

Fintech Recruitment: Specialist Recruiters – Bluebird

Fintech Recruitment

Tell Us Your Needs

How Fintech Startups Benefit From Fintech Recruitment

Fintech startups, with their unique market position and specialized needs, gain specifically from fintech recruitment in several crucial ways:

Rapid Team Scaling.

Without the long-term burden of traditional hiring, it enables startups to quickly build teams for new projects or technologies—crucial in the quickly moving fintech space. Shorter hiring times lead to faster development and deployment of new products or features, keeping you ahead in a highly competitive market.

Instant Access to Specialized Skills.

With us as your fintech recruitment partner, you have access to a pool of candidates with niche fintech skills, such as cryptocurrency, regulatory technology, or advanced data analytics.

Lean Operations.

Maintain a lean organizational structure by employing on-demand talent, reducing fixed labor costs and allowing for a more agile response to industry trends and funding cycles. Outsourcing the recruitment process also allows the founding team to focus on core business activities such as product development, strategy, and customer acquisition.

Adaptability to Market Demands.

The ability to quickly pivot and adapt to market feedback by bringing in experts to address new challenges or opportunities without the delay of traditional hiring processes.

Risk Mitigation.

Fintech recruitment reduces the risk associated with permanent hires in the volatile startup environment and offers flexibility to change direction without significant HR constraints.

Investor Confidence.

Demonstrating the ability to quickly assemble a competent, specialized team can help in attracting and reassuring investors.

Fintech Recruitment with Bluebird

How Banking Software Projects Benefit from Fintech Recruitment

Established, traditional banks working on digital banking solutions can specifically benefit from fintech recruitment in ways that align with their unique market position and specialized needs.

Boosting Digital Transformation.

Thanks to specialized fintech recruitment, banks can speed up the development of digital banking solutions. It also provides the ability to quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands, keeping the bank competitive against both traditional rivals and emerging fintech startups. Fintech recruitment helps traditional banks stay more than relevant in 2024.

Instant Access to Innovative Skills.

Fintech recruitment provides you with access to candidates who possess the latest fintech skills and digital expertise, essential for integrating advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, and big data analytics.

With Bluebird, you receive experts who have already been thoroughly screened for their technical abilities, industry knowledge, and cultural fit, saving considerable time and effort.

Fintech Recruitment FAQs

What is fintech recruitment?

Fintech recruitment refers to the specialized process of hiring professionals within the financial technology sector. This involves identifying, attracting, and securing talent with the necessary skills and experience to drive innovation and growth in financial services. It caters specifically to roles in areas like digital banking, payments, blockchain, and data analytics.

How is fintech recruitment different from traditional finance recruitment?

Fintech recruitment focuses on finding candidates with a blend of finance, technology, and innovation skills, which is distinct from traditional finance roles that may not require advanced tech knowledge. It requires recruiters to understand both the financial industry and the latest technological advancements. Fintech roles often demand a more agile and adaptable skill set, including knowledge of emerging technologies.

What skills are typically sought after in fintech recruitment?

Skills commonly sought in the fintech sector include expertise in blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, cybersecurity, regulatory technology, and digital payment solutions. Soft skills like adaptability, innovation, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment are also highly valued. Technical proficiency combined with a strong understanding of financial services is crucial.

These are the qualities we’re looking for in candidates.

How important is cultural fit in fintech recruitment?

Cultural fit is extremely important in fintech recruitment, as the sector thrives on innovation, collaboration, and speed. Candidates should align with the company's values, work style, and be adaptable to change. A strong cultural fit leads to better teamwork, productivity, and employee retention.

What are some common mistakes in fintech recruitment?

Common mistakes include underestimating the importance of cultural fit, neglecting to keep up with industry trends, and focusing solely on technical skills without considering soft skills and adaptability. Overlooking the candidate experience during the recruitment process can also deter top talent.

These are all aspects of the recruitment process that you don’t have to worry about when partnering with Bluebird.