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Looking for dependable fintech software development services? From online banking system development to AI and ML, we cover a broad range of financial technology domains.

Fintech Software Development Services, the Way You Need Them

Welcome to Bluebird, where over 20 years of experience in the IT and tech sector translates into outstanding financial services, carefully matched to your unique needs and situation. Whether your project needs one or two additional fintehch experts or a comprehensive outsourcing solution, we offer the flexibility and expertise necessary to help you with your fintech software development needs.

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1. Banking Software Development

Online Banking System Development

Looking for experts who can ensure a secure, accessible, and convenient online banking experience for your customers? You’re in the right place. Our experts have a proven track record of participating in the creation and improvement of online banking platforms for both retail and business services, including in ensuring smooth financial operations and implementing user-friendly interfaces.

Mobile and Internet Banking Applications

Our fintech software development services also include mobile & internet banking applications. They cover design and implementation of mobile and internet banking solutions with thorough testing, documentation, and support frameworks. Whether you’re looking for responsive design, high-level security, or personalized user experiences, our tech experts are here to help.

Electronic Channels Development

Our banking software development services include the development and enhancement of electronic banking channels, integrating new functionalities, and ensuring seamless operation across various devices and platforms. Essential for expanding service accessibility and enhancing customer engagement.

Developing AI and ML-powered solutions for fraud detection, customer service automation, predictive analytics, and personalized banking experiences. These technologies can significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Bluebird Insights: The Ideal Team in Fintech Software Development

When it comes to the ideal team for a banking software development project, the gold standard is largely the same as in other industries, with a few important differences. An efficient team includes business analysts, project managers, developers, testers, business experts, and database specialists. However, financial institutions must pay special attention to regulation, compliance, risk management, and data protection. It is also key to accurately identify the business areas that are involved in each development phase. Besides this, the team must be well-versed in various financial products, processes, and their interrelations at the project level. Therefore, it is necessary to form an interdisciplinary team that, with the involvement of fly-in participants if necessary, can adequately cover the area-specific knowledge.

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Business Analyst

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Fintech Software Development Services – Bluebird
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2. Payment Solutions

Payment Application Development

Development of comprehensive payment solutions, enabling banking software functionalities such as subscriptions or bill payment. Seamless and secure.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) System Development

Creation and maintenance of EFT systems, including web-based platforms and related applications.

3. System Integration and Middleware

Middleware Development

Bridging the gap between different banking services: development and maintenance of middleware solutions to ensure seamless communication between banking platforms and back-end systems.

System Integration Services

Achieving interoperable and cohesive functioning among various banking systems, using protocols and technologies suited for each client's infrastructure. Key to enabling smooth, uninterrupted banking operations and service delivery.

4. Financial Transaction Handling

Real-Time Transaction Processing

Handling of large-volume, real-time financial transactions, supporting systems like Kafka and Cassandra, and providing round-the-clock support for streaming solutions.

Data Transformation and Transfer

Design and implementation of systems for immediate data transfer between different banking systems, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Critical for real-time decision-making and financial reporting.

Fintech Software Development Services

To optimize your time and resources, we provide a variety of flexible engagement models designed to meet a wide range of needs. Whether you're seeking additional manpower to bolster your existing project team or looking to outsource the entirety of your custom software development needs, we're here to help.

Staff Augmentation: Fintech experts on a daily rate

Our IT Staff Augmentation service provides a flexible staffing solution. If you need specialized fintech skills for a specific project, this is the way to go.

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Fintech Development Outsourcing: End-to-end solutions

Your project, our responsibility. From creating mobile banking apps through system modernization to AI solutions, we're ready to help you succeed. Let's build something great together!

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5. Investment and Asset Management

Investment System Development and Support

Empowering investors with tools for better decision-making and portfolio management. Development and support of web-based investment platforms, focusing on reliability, performance, and user experience. Our fintech software development services focus on various investment types, including comprehensive solutions primarily dealing with ETF-type investments targeting both end-users, ordinary people, and financial advisors.

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) System Development

Design and development of asset allocation systems for institutional investors, using advanced technologies and methodologies.

6. Application Development and Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

Upgrading and replacing outdated banking software with modern technologies, including Java migrations and platform updates. We specialize in transitioning from a variety of legacy programming languages and systems, such as COBOL, Assembler, and Fortran, to contemporary and scalable solutions.

Legacy system modernization is essential for banks in 2024. It helps enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and ensure future scalability while maintaining the integrity and security of their data. Our approach focuses on a smooth transition with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Application Maintenance and Support

Ongoing maintenance and responsive support for banking applications, ensuring high performance and user satisfaction.

7. Testing, Security, and Compliance

Comprehensive Testing Services

Identifying and resolving issues before they affect users: conducting extensive unit and integration tests to ensure software reliability and performance.

Security and Compliance

Implementing rigorous security measures and ensuring compliance with banking standards and regulations. This is fundamental to protecting sensitive information and maintaining customer trust.

8. Platform and Infrastructure

Cloud and Containerization Solutions

Leveraging modern infrastructure solutions like Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, and Azure to enhance scalability and stability. Important for banks seeking to improve flexibility, reduce costs, and accelerate deployment cycles.

Database and Backend Development

Key for ensuring data integrity, security, and efficient operations. Our services include designing and managing database systems and developing robust backend solutions using technologies like Spring Boot, Hibernate, and Liquibase.

9. Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Systems

Design and implementation of systems to assess, identify, and mitigate financial risks, including credit, market, and operational risks. Our services help banks to predict and manage risks effectively, ensuring long-term stability and profitability.

10. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Analytics

Banking CRM Solutions

Development of CRM systems tailored for the banking industry to enhance customer relationships, manage leads, and increase sales. These solutions help banks to offer personalized services and improve customer engagement and retention.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Implementing analytics tools and reporting systems to glean insights from large volumes of banking data. This service assists banks in making informed decisions, understanding customer behavior, and identifying market trends.

Bluebird Insights: Agility in Fintech Software Development

Developing a banking CRM using agile methodology is effective because the system comprises several separate functionalities—and these functionalities can be prioritized for implementation. For instance, if recording meetings is designated as the most crucial function, it is possible to go live with just that functionality initially and add others, like sales campaign management, later.

Within each functionality, too, there are aspects that are essential and others that can be addressed later. For example, while being able to select when a meeting occurred on the interface is essential, a convenience feature that integrates with the calendar to auto-fill certain fields can be developed later.

Financial institutions often consider developing their own CRM systems so that they can customize it according to their specific needs, something that's typically expected of larger players. This approach involves large-scale projects where it is important to involve business analysts with experience in similar fields from the preparatory stages. Of course, quasi-"off-the-shelf" options also exist; there are cloud-based, customizable, and parameterizable systems on the market, such as solutions from Salesforce, Microsoft, or SAP, which can be implemented with the help of consultants.

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Richard Patyi | LinkedIn

Business Analyst

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11. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

AI and ML in Banking

Developing AI and ML-powered solutions for fraud detection, customer service automation, predictive analytics, and personalized banking experiences. These technologies can significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fintech Software Development Services – Bluebird

Fintech Software Development Services

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Why Choose Bluebird's Fintech Software Development Services?


We are not swayed by fleeting goals. Committed to long-term success over short-term gains, we prioritize accountability and reliability—aiming to execute each project with maximum dedication and to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Proven Methodologies

We have extensive experience with both agile and waterfall methodologies, selecting the most suitable approach to ensure timely and top-quality custom software development. We trust in the power of structured methodologies and common sense to guide our software development processes.

Deep Understanding

The foundation of all our software development projects is a meticulous assessment of needs and a deep understanding of requirements. We believe in the importance of fully grasping the task at hand before taking any action, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly aligned with your needs.

Custom Fintech Software Development Services: Who Benefits?

Custom fintech software development services can significantly benefit a wide range of organizations—yours is probably included here, too. Here's how different organizations can benefit.

Fintech Startups

For fintech startups, custom software is essential for introducing innovative financial products and services. It supports quick scaling and agility in product development, and it helps meet the startup’s specific market needs while maintaining security and regulatory compliance. Why would you go it alone?

Traditional Banks

Custom financial software development services help these institutions enhance customer service through personalized banking experiences, streamline internal processes, and ensure compliance with financial regulations that are in constant flux. It can also aid in developing innovative products like mobile banking apps, improving security measures, and enabling seamless integration with other financial systems.

Another crucial aspect is the modernization of legacy banking systems, which allows banks to replace outdated infrastructure and applications with modern, efficient, and secure solutions. This not only enhances performance but also ensures better integration with contemporary financial ecosystems and other digital platforms.

Investment and Asset Management Firms

Investment and asset management companies benefit from custom software that can automate and optimize portfolio management, risk assessment, and client reporting processes. Tailored solutions enable better data analysis, assist real-time decision-making, and improve client communication and portfolio performance tracking.

Stock Exchanges and Brokerage Firms

Custom fintech software development services help these organizations manage trading platforms, ensure real-time data processing, and maintain regulatory compliance. It can also provide advanced analytical tools for market analysis, automated trading systems, and enhanced security features.

Insurance Companies

Custom fintech software development services can transform operations for insurance companies. Insurance companies need custom software to automate claims processing, enhance customer relationship management, and enable more accurate risk assessment and policy pricing. It also helps in integrating new technologies such as IoT and AI for better data analytics and personalized services.

Payment Processors and Gateways

These entities require custom software to ensure fast, secure, and reliable transaction processing. Tailored solutions can help manage large volumes of transactions, prevent fraud, and integrate with various e-commerce platforms and financial institutions.

Crowdfunding & Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms

Custom software enables these platforms to offer secure, user-friendly, and efficient services. It supports the management of large user bases, facilitates secure transactions, ensures compliance with financial regulations, and provides tools for risk assessment and fund management.

In short, custom fintech software development services enable organizations to address their specific challenges and leverage technology to keep their edge, improve efficiency, and offer superior services. And who wouldn’t want that?

Fintech Software Development Services FAQs

What programming languages and other elements of the tech stack are typically used in fintech and banking software development?

In fintech and banking software development, the commonly used tech stack includes:

Programming Languages: Java, Python, C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin.

Frameworks: Spring Boot, Django, Flask, React.js, Angular, .NET.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra.

DevOps & Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD.

Security: OAuth, JWT, SSL/TLS.

Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

Blockchain Technologies: Ethereum, Hyperledger.

How does fintech development differ from traditional software development?

Fintech development is specialized towards financial services, requiring compliance with stringent regulatory standards, heightened security measures, and integration with existing financial systems.

How can AI and machine learning be used in fintech solutions?

 AI and machine learning can revolutionize fintech solutions by enabling personalized customer services, fraud detection, risk management, algorithmic trading, and more, by analyzing patterns and predicting outcomes from vast datasets.

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