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If you are an IT expert, you are in the right place!

We reach out to thousands of IT experts in a year either because we are offering a job in IT, or because we are looking for the right person for an IT project.

We work with every IT specialty, so you can be a project manager, a business analyst, a developer, a tester, an operator or even DevOps, architect, scrum master and product owner, you will find interesting job opportunities or projects here. Should you be a job seeker, or a freelancer, we can offer you relevant IT positions.

If you would like to browse which IT specialties, we are looking for right now, check out our page dedicated to IT specialties and our current job and project offers.

We have both remote and onsite job offers. Our jobs and project are mostly located in Hungary, but there are a few foreign opportunities as well.

 Here are some things we can help you with:

As part of our IT recruitment process, we are permanently looking for IT experts in almost all fields. But what is IT recruitment?

IT jobs at Bluebird

Description of IT recruitment: IT recruitment is IT workforce mediation. Our IT recruitment team is a specialist of IT workforce mediation.

If you are looking for ajob as an employee , after screening interviews we can introduce you to our clients to apply for their open job offers as part of IT recruitment service. In this case the contract will be signed between you and our client, and salary negotiations will also be between you and the company. However, you can come directly to us, and become a Bluebird employee and we will manage the entire recruitment and hiring process. You can learn more about this in our presentation of our IT projects (see below).

After you have uploaded your resume, we will help you to make your choices from the beginning up until your first day at work. First, we will perform a screening interview to determine which open positions can be interesting for you. As next step we will create a detailed character profile that will be sent to our clients. If our client is interested in your profile, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself in an interview. If the interview is successful you will receive an offer from our client which includes the proposed salary and the starting date.

The recruitment process can be different for each and every client but no need to worry, our IT recruiter colleague will explain everything in detail.

Your only job is to upload your resume HERE. After your resume is uploaded our colleagues will reach out to you if they find a job offer that could be interesting for you in terms of seniority, technology, programming language, tools, skills etc.

Our service is free of charge for IT experts.

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IT projects at Bluebird

Before jumping in, let’s make something clear!

Definition of IT contracting: As part of IT contracting we ensure the completion of IT projects for our customers for a daily fee. For short term (3-6 months) projects we work with subcontractors (freelancers), for longer projects we work mostly with  employees.

The contract is established between you and Bluebird. If you are a freelancer, with a daily fee- contract, the more tasks you complete, the more you will earn (the sum is calculated based on the time spent on the tasks). If you are  an employee, we offer a fixed (gross) salary.

To get to know you better, we have to learn about your career path. The most efficient way to get there is  by uploading your resume. Once reviewed we will reach out to you by phone or online and we can discuss the available projects (deadlines, tasks, technology stack).  It’s our job to inform the client if you are willing to work on a project, and if we are also willing to work with you.

When the project comes to an end, you can continue your career on another project with us or  either of us can decide to go separate ways.

We permanently have open project opportunities; and we  would be glad to receive your application for them. Upload your resume and we will contact you if we have an interesting project for you.

Browse our current IT project opportunities.

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As we mentioned it earlier, upload your resume so we can contact you with relevant IT job offers and IT project opportunities! Even Better! If we are looking for a new IT expert for one of our fixed-rate software development projects, we can  let you know about those too.

When you upload your resume, your personal information will be treated and protected in accordance with our privacy policy. In addition, we consider it mandatory for both of us to act according to the rules of ethical collaboration. Please read through these documents!

We are waiting for your resume, upload it HERE!

Our Advice on Making Your Resume

Tips for making a resumé

If you would like to make a resume that instantly shows IT recruiters (either companies or agencies) your fields of expertise and the technologies you are skilled in, read our blogpost on the subject.

Believe us, we see thousands of resumes a month, we know how you should make yours!

With our help you can avoid the most common mistakes: Long paragraphs, hardly assessable skill level (whether we are talking programming language, framework, or tool sets)

Our advice on Job interviews - Bluebird

You can improve your chances of a successful interview with thorough preparation. Good appearance, knowledge of the job description and gathering information beforehand may play a major role. Think it through: What does it mean from the interviewer’s point of view if you don’t know completely the advertised position, the company or if simplyyou don’t have any questions. Are you really interested in the job?

We have assembled our advice on preparation, on the interview, and what’s even more, we listed the most frequent questions. Prepare yourself thoroughly with help of our dedicated blogpost.

LinkedIn profile tips - Bluebird

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential today for IT experts. We assembled the qualities that describe a good LinkedIn profile. Read our dedicated blogpost.

In our blogpost we give actual and practical advice on the exact size of the profile and background picture, the content that should be shared, fine-tuning, and building your network.

We show you how can IT recruiters find you in seconds if you are looking for a job. You only have to check a box, and we can see you!

Salaries in the IT Sector

Salaries in the IT sector - Bluebird blog

We made a study about salaries in the IT sector in terms of job description and skill level.

Check whether your wage is in accordance with what you could earn in the given position, and technology with your seniority! While reading our spreadsheet, tell yourself money is not everything. We know that the really good experts’ main motivation is the theme of the project, the technology they will be able to use while working on the project, the company where they will work at on the project.

But more often than not, money comes  a close second.

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