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With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, we specialize in providing tailored IT contracting solutions for businesses across the United Kingdom and Europe. Our expert contractors have the skills and knowledge to help your business stay ahead of the competition, streamline processes, and achieve long-term success.

IT Staffing Service From Bluebird

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IT Contracting

  • Hiring is fast

  • Scalable sourcing

  • Direct supervision

  • Transparency

Fine-tuned to find and deliver the right tech talents (part-time or full-time, on an hourly or daily rate). Our contracting service provides a flexible IT staffing solution.

Recommended For:

Companies with established development teams who are facing a tight project deadline or a talent shortage.

  • Self-sufficient development teams

  • Strict selection process

  • Effective long-term cost reduction

  • 1-3 month guaranteed delivery of a tech team

An outsourced team manages a portion of the development project and is overseen by a project manager from Bluebird, who provides frequent progress updates to you.

Recommended For:

Multi-team projects in which you must maintain overall project control.

What Does IT Contracting Mean?

IT contracting is a form of outsourcing that enables businesses to hire tech experts on a temporary basis. IT contractors are typically engaged for specific projects or to fill a skill gap for a set period, without the need for a long-term employment commitment. The benefits of IT contracting include the flexibility to quickly scale up or down resources based on project needs, cost savings, access to specialized expertise, and reduced legal and administrative overheads. IT contractors are often used to complement existing in-house teams or to provide niche skills that may not be available within the organization. This contracting is a popular approach in the technology industry, allowing businesses to access a diverse pool of talent to meet their project requirements.

Quick Overview Of The Process


24 Hours

Within 24 hours, we hold an online meeting with you about the project, the technology and job expectations. Our sales and account manager attend this meeting. We will negotiate the process, the contract terms, the fees, and the deadline for submitting the initial candidate. Immediately thereafter, the search will begin.


48-72 Hours

We hold progress reviews every 48-72 hours (or as often as is suitable for you). We will introduce the new candidates' profiles to you and reconcile the existing candidates' statuses. We'd appreciate hearing your feedback about Bluebird's candidates or the process.


3-10 Business Days

We will send candidates within three to ten business days of the initial meeting, or by the deadline agreed upon. Our IT candidates are selected based on their tech stacks, availability, interest and experience. It is our job to filter candidates who do not meet the criteria set out in the initial consultation.


Starting Work

Each month, we are responsible for creating a timesheet and calculating the number of hours / days spent on a specific project and its tasks. Following approval, we will generate the invoice for the specified period.

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4 reasons to work with us

  1. 1
    Customized Project Contracts: For each software design, software development, and testing job, we create a tailored project contract that outlines the project's details, scope, and deliverables.
  2. 2
    Monthly Progress Reports: To keep you informed, we generate comprehensive monthly reports that detail the tasks completed and the hours/days required to complete them.
  3. 3
    Constant Communication: We maintain open lines of communication between our team, our customers, and our IT experts, ensuring seamless collaboration and up-to-date monitoring of task progress.
  4. 4
    Flexible Adjustments: If your project requirements change, we can easily adapt to accommodate new requests, ensuring your business gets the results it needs.

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