Application Project Manager Job

Date published: May 31, 2024

This listing has expired.
ID: 12633 Location: Remote Task: Project Management

Our partner is a global technology solutions company dedicated to helping people and organizations reach the next breakthrough. Across regions, industries and contexts, we apply specialized expertise and advanced technologies to strengthen and transform teams and processes.

Role description

  • Manage transition of applications into the Application Management Services team including – Identification of business needs and specifics about the current support model Identification of potential gaps that could impact our ability to deliver the service with excellence Developing and managing the plan to close those gaps
  • Some activities of all service transition processes may be carried out during the service design stage of the service lifecycle for example, planning a service transition and design of processes to facilitate service delivery.
  • Managing the complexity associated with changes to services and service management processes
  • Influencing usage of and introducing new services
  • Manage changes to existing services, e.g. expansion, reduction, change of supplier, acquisition or disposal of sections of user base or suppliers, change of requirements or skills availability
  • Decommissioning and discontinuation of services, applications or other service components
  • Managing the transfer of services to and from other service providers.
  • Adopt a common framework and standards and set up a model of continuous improvement of that framework
  • Plan and manage service changes efficiently and effectively
  • Manage risks relating to new, changed or retired services
  • Successfully deploy service releases into supported environments
  • Set correct expectations on the performance and use of new or changed services
  • Ensure that service changes create the expected business value
  • Provide good-quality knowledge and information about services and service assets
  • Planning and managing the capacity and resources required to manage service transitions
  • Implement a framework for evaluating service capabilities and risk profiles before new or changed services are deployed
  • Establishing and maintaining the integrity of service assets
  • Providing efficient repeatable mechanisms for building, testing and deploying services and releases

Role description

  • Ensuring that services can be managed, operated and supported in accordance with constraints specified during the service design stage of the service lifecycle.
  • Maximize re-use of established processes and systems
  • Align service transition plans with the business needs
  • Establish and maintain relationships with stakeholders
  • Establish effective controls and disciplines
  • Provide systems for knowledge transfer and decision support
  • Anticipate and manage course corrections
  • Proactively manage resources across service transitions
  • Ensure early involvement in the service lifecycle
  • Provide assurance of the quality of the new or changed service
  • Proactively improve quality during service transition


  • Strong project management skills, ability to accurately reflect progress against goals and a focus on continuous service improvement
  • Exceptional documentation skills to ensure alignment across the organization regarding resource usage, project / service transition progress, budget vs actual spend variances, etc.
  • Management of stakeholder relationships and communication channels to ensure smooth transitions with no unanticipated surprises
  • Expertise with project management tools (Jira experience preferred) and strong and proven experience working within GxP regulated environments
  • Experience with delivering IT services to businesses or consumers including experience working with large-scale outsourced managed service providers
  • Experienced with working with global teams and utilizing global best practices for service delivery
  • Hands-on experience with formal outsourcing processes and methodologies; experience with managing service contracts, from a service and financial perspective
  • Adept at budgeting and accounting for services related project delivery
  • Serve as the primary POC for senior management regarding service transition planning and reporting
  • Experience coordinating service transition activities across project, suppliers and service teams (coordinating with PMs and other personnel as required)

More information

  • End date we will start with a PO till end of the year, but this is part of a 5-year contract, so likely to be renewed. Preference for candidates that could be converted in the future.
  • Working hours it is an absolute must that the candidate covers the US Eastern time zone , ideally US eastern from 8 am to 5 pm which would mean from 14:00 pm to 23:00 pm in Hungary. We might be able to bring that down to between 12:00 till 21:00 pm but no earlier than that. It will be an 8-hour working day.

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