Sr Requirements Analyst Job

Date published: May 16, 2024

ID: 12609 Location: Alicante, Spain Task: Business Analyst

Our partner is a global technology solutions company dedicated to helping people and organizations reach the next breakthrough. Across regions, industries and contexts, we apply specialized expertise and advanced technologies to strengthen and transform teams and processes

Key Responsibilities

  • Guide the client through joint application design sessions to collect new business requirements.
  • Identify and develop use cases based on client requirements.
  • Verify requirements through analysis, test, demonstration and inspection.
  • Lead and analyse business processes/systems, identify inefficiencies and required controls, document procedures, and track KPI’s.
  • Manage requirements through review and approval session, where project schedules, costs and duration estimates are updated and the business objectives are revisited.
  • Collaborate with internal and external users/customers to elicit business concerns and develop workable solutions.
  • Work with the QA team to prepare test scenarios and data.
  • Document and manage business and functional requirements.
  • Analyse business processes/systems, identify inefficiencies, and required controls, document procedures and track KPIs. Collaborate with internal and external customers to elicit business concerns and develop workable solutions.
  • Participate in planning initiatives, feasibility studies, cost/benefit analyses, and new systems design.
  • Review user stories and acceptance criteria.
  • Provide functional solution and clarification on the inter-module dependencies.
  • Provide thought leadership in one of the functional areas, handle queries and competency building in respective functional area.
  • Determine a project’s requirements by extracting them from business or government policies, as well as from current and future users, through interaction and research.
  • Anticipate future requirements to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Organize requirements into related categories to effectively manage and communicate them.
  • Translate business requirements into technical requirements. This includes using powerful analysis and modelling tools to match strategic business objectives with practical technical solutions.

Key Responsibilities

  • At regular intervals in the project life cycle, safeguard and protect the business and users needs by verifying functionality, accuracy, and completeness of the requirements against the original documents. Safeguarding minimizes risk by ensuring requirements are being met before investing further in system development.
  • Emphasize simplicity and ease of use at all times, especially in implementation.
  • Identify and avoid extraneous activities that do not solve the problem or help reach the objective.
  • In application maintenance, the focus is on preventing and correcting defects enhancements, or making changes to increase the value provided by the system.

Key Qualifications

  • Salesforce functional & technical roles
  • SAP functional roles and analytic profiles (BW, SAC, etc).
  • Knowledge about EU Regulation and EU Institutions specific Project Methodology PM2
  • University degree (minimum 4 years’ post-secondary education or duly recognised as equivalent to Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Bologna Process) in the IT field.

Nature of the tasks

  • Under the supervision and control of the Office, the Contractor will provide senior requirements analyst(s) to perform and/or support the following tasks
  • Develop and propose the approach for the analysis activities.
  • Plan analysis activities.
  • Establish the contribution that technology can make to business objectives, draw up strategies, conduct feasibility studies, produce high-level and detailed business models, prepare business cases, oversee development and implementation of solutions, considering the implications of change on the organisation and all stakeholders.
  • Provide supervision/guidance to Junior Requirements Analysts.
  • Ensure the cohesion and coherence of the Requirements Package, considering all the dependencies within and outside the project.
  • Perform requirements elicitation/gathering, identifying clear and qualified requirements from unstructured information.
  • Organise, trace, prioritise, specify and model requirements.
  • Draft IT software requirements, building up requirements packages.
  • Verify and validate requirement packages with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Maintain up-to-date requirements and system documentation.
  • Promote requirements reuse.
  • Assess Requests for Change (RfC).
  • Assess IT systems and solution limitations as well as recommend actions to increase the value of solutions.
  • Participate, under the Offices supervision, in internal workshops and/or European networks to analyse, discuss and propose improvements to the quality of the processes and systems.
  • Design and produce high quality graphic and appealing presentations, project documentation, and reports in English.
  • Conduct and support User Acceptance Tests (UATs).
  • Develop Business Test Scenarios in order to be used by the stakeholders during the UATs.
  • Provide training to support roll-out (if required).
  • Communicate the impact of changes to stakeholders.
  • Support the Offices teams in charge of other areas/activities/tasks (e.g. architecture, development, quality assurance and control).

Application with CV

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