IT Recruitment with Bluebird

Successful headhunting requires deep and current knowledge of the IT sector. Our team of specialist recruiters and sourcers are fully up to date with emerging technologies, methodologies, and positions.

IT Recruitment with Bluebird: Why Us?

We are a headhunting firm specializing in the IT industry. Technology jobs account for over 98% of our candidate searches.

  • We have over 20 years of expertise.

  • In Hungary, we reach over 40,000 IT experts

  • We have previously demonstrated our ability by placing over 1,800 IT specialists with our almost 200 partners

  • We collaborate with highly skilled consultants. Headhunting in the IT business necessitates extensive and up-to-date industry expertise. Our IT recruiters and sourcers are constantly learning about new technologies, processes, and roles.

IT Recruitment – Bluebird

What is IT headhunting?

IT Headhunting, a specialized form of recruitment, involves sourcing passive IT professionals. Passive candidates are those not actively seeking new employment, making them inaccessible through traditional recruitment methods like job advertisements. These IT professionals aren't visible among those actively searching for jobs (for example, on job portals), requiring direct outreach for engagement. This is where we enter the picture.

What Our Customers Are Looking For

Software developers

Software developer: Angular, React, C #, C / C ++, JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, PHP, Python, SharePoint, PL / SQL, frontend developer, backend developer, full-stack developer, BI developer, data scientist, data engineer, machine learning engineer

IT manangers

Project manager, product manager, scrum master, project coordinator, delivery manager

Analysts / Consultants

Business analyst, system analyst, data analyst, SAP consultant


Test manager, automated tester, manual tester


System administrator, network administrator, database operator, help desk


Architect, DevOps engineer, cybersecurity expert

IT roles

You can find all the IT roles HERE and you can read about the main IT roles in our blog post!

IT Recruitment – Bluebird

Clients Who Have Chosen Us As Their IT Recruitment Partner

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Contracting Conditions

We work on success fee.

In case of a success fee contract, obligation to pay will only need to be fulfilled when our expert starts working.

We provide a 3-month guarantee on the experts we place.

IT Recruitment Step By Step

Discovery call, signing contract

Discussing the job description + skills needed

Feedback on the position and realistic salary ranges

Search for the ideal candidate begins

Bluebird-side candidate interviews

Reporting and forwarding resumes

Organizing client-side interviews

Offer(s) made

Candidate starts work

Our sales team will contact you to determine your needs and present our company's fee structure. Afterward, we will study the position and determine the necessary requirements and level of experience needed. Our skilled recruiters will then research and contact potential candidates, conduct interviews, and provide weekly progress reports. We will also help you make a successful offer and follow up on the candidate's progress even after they start working for you.


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