Software Development Services

Our software products are always delivered on time and of high quality.

What IT Solutions do we have for you?

Our software development team is working to ensure that the software products you need are delivered on time and of high quality. We pay special attention to fulfill the predefined requirements.

Software development - Bluebird

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What do we commit to?

If you agree that there is more than the technical content to a website that engages more and more customers, don’t look any further. We also attract a lot of our new clients through our website.

We offer custom web design solutions and development services including SEO and content strategy to maximize the return of your website. We also help you to position your business on the online market.

We will create a website that meets all your marketing expectations and enables you to achieve your sales goals.

Web development - Bluebird

What are we making?

We build cross platform mobile applications. As a result, your mobile app will be available on iOS and Android. With us you can save twice the development cost.

During our development we create a sketch and wireframe. We then develop the design of your mobile app and develop the app itself.

We will complete the Apple App Store and Google Play Store registration. You can count on us after the live installation, because our goal is the same as yours: to create the mobile app you've been dreaming of.

Mobile App Development - Bluebird

What are we promising?

We offer the development of web applications as a custom software development service.

We know that understanding business processes and needs are key factors when creating a high quality software product.

Based on your requirements , we will develope a software that matches your needs and expectations, and support your business processes at high-level.

Don't make a compromise, support your company's processes with customized, perfectly fitting software!

Custom software development - Bluebird

What we agree to do

We analyse your website, assess the online presence of your competitors and keep a mirror on the seo performance of your own website. We plan organic traffic, define keywords, and determine what content needs to be created for them.

If necessary, we can create the textual content for you as well. We start with defining your business goals and throughout the process will finetune the traffic, content and technical parameters of the website to achive your sales and online marketing goals.

What we do will be liked by Google as well.

SEO and website optimalization - Bluebird

What we Create for you

If you want to delegate repetitive tasks to someone other than your coworker, bot development may be the answer. And your coworker can do a task that adds more value and that he prefers to do instead of a task performed by a software robot.

We developed crawler bots, pricing bots, and other software bots. We are ready to create your one-of-a-kind, custom software robot exactly how you want it.

We have already created a number of bots and have come to the same conclusion in all of them: what can be automated must be automated.

Software bot development - Bluebird

Why Choose Us For Software Development?

Because our managers and IT experts have more than 20 years of experience in software development.

We are experienced in standard waterfall methodology and Scrum methodology as well.

Because we are technology independent.

Because our customers have been highly satisfied with the systems we have developed.

Our Previous Projects

  • Workflow system (Java, Oracle)
  • Legacy Systems Survey (AS / 400, Informix)
  • Social media developments (Java, .NET)
  • HR system (Java, Oracle)
  • Administrative IT systems (Java, Oracle)
  • Data registration systems (Java, Oracle)
  • Service organization and deployment management system (Java, Oracle)
  • Records management system (Java, Oracle)
  • ATS / ERP / CRM / sales / controlling system (.NET, MySQL)
  • Online video streaming system (.NET)
  • Hotel reservation system (Java)
  • Bot software development (.NET)
  • Web crawler development (.NET)



Software development - Bluebird

All our Software Development activity is ISO 9001 certified.