24 Myths about IT Staff Augmentation Services

Balazs Refi

May 27, 2024

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Our "IT Staff Augmentation Services: Myths and Realities" blog post will help you understand how staff augmentation works. Tips and tricks.


IT Staff Augmentation services are known by many different names. Examples include T&M, IT Contract Staffing, IT Contracting, Temp staffing, etc. However, the number of misconceptions about this service is far greater than the number of names.

That is why I am taking the initiative in this blog post to dispel myths and tell you what I believe is the reality.

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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is a strategic approach to supplementing an organization's existing IT team with skilled external professionals on a temporary basis in order to meet specific project demands and skill gaps.


Myth: IT staff augmentation is just for large corporations.

Reality: Companies of all sizes can benefit from IT staff augmentation.

„Small and medium enterprises can scale quickly by integrating specialized skills through staff augmentation.”


Myth: IT staff augmentation leads to decreased quality of work.

Reality: Augmented staff are highly skilled and vetted professionals.

„Agencies providing IT staff augmentation thoroughly screen candidates to ensure top-tier quality.”


Myth: IT staff augmentation services are too expensive.

Reality: It can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees.

„Companies save on overhead costs such as benefits, training, and long-term salaries.”


Myth: Augmented staff won't understand our company culture.

Reality: Many augmented staff integrate seamlessly into company cultures.

„Clear communication and orientation sessions help augmented staff align with company values and practices.”


Myth: Staff augmentation is only for short-term projects.

Reality: It can be used for both short-term and long-term projects.

„Companies can leverage staff augmentation for ongoing needs, providing flexibility and continuity.”


Myth: Augmented staff are less committed than full-time employees.

Reality: Augmented IT experts are highly dedicated and professional.

„They are motivated to perform well to secure future contracts and maintain their reputation.”


Myth: IT staff augmentation is the same as outsourcing.

Reality: Staff augmentation integrates external professionals into your existing team.

„Unlike outsourcing, augmented staff work under your management and follow your processes.”


Myth: Communication is a major issue with augmented staff.

Reality: Effective communication tools and practices can mitigate this.

„Using collaborative platforms and having regular meetings ensures clear and consistent communication.”


Myth: It's difficult to manage augmented staff remotely.

Reality: With the right tools, remote management can be highly effective.

„Project management software and regular online meetings facilitate smooth remote collaboration.”


Myth: Augmented staff cannot handle sensitive data securely.

Reality: Augmented staff follow strict security protocols.

„Ensure that augmented staff follow company security policies and NDAs to protect sensitive information.”


Myth: Staff augmentation only works for technical roles.

Reality: It can be used for a variety of roles, including business analysis and testing.

„Agencies offer professionals in diverse fields, allowing companies to augment various departments.”


Myth: Onboarding augmented staff is too time-consuming.

Reality: Efficient onboarding processes can quickly integrate new team members.

„Streamlined documentation and clear initial briefings expedite the onboarding process.”


Myth: There's no accountability with augmented staff.

Reality: Augmented staff are held accountable through performance metrics and regular reviews.

„Setting clear expectations and goals ensures accountability and performance tracking.”


Myth: IT staff augmentation means losing control over projects.

Reality: Companies retain full control over project management.

„Augmented staff work under the direction of your project managers, ensuring alignment with company goals.”


Myth: It's hard to find the right talent for staff augmentation.

Reality: Specialized agencies, such as Bluebird have extensive networks to source the best talent.

„Partnering with reputable agencies provides access to a large pool of qualified candidates.”


Myth: Augmented staff can't adapt to changing project requirements.

Reality: They are often highly adaptable and versatile.

„Their experience with diverse projects allows them to adjust quickly to new requirements.”


Myth: Using augmented staff will create dependency on external resources.

Reality: It can enhance internal capabilities and knowledge transfer.

„Augmented staff can provide training and knowledge-sharing, boosting in-house skills.”


Myth: Augmented staff won't be as productive as permanent employees.

Reality: Augmented staff is highly efficient and results-driven.

„Augmented staff aims to deliver high-quality work to secure future engagements.”


Myth: IT staff augmentation services cause higher turnover rates.

Reality: It can stabilize workloads and reduce burnout among permanent staff.

„Augmented staff help balance workloads, allowing permanent employees to focus on core tasks.”


Myth: Staff augmentation is only viable for tech startups.

Reality: It is beneficial for various industries, including finance, healthcare, and retail.

„Different sectors leverage augmented IT staff to support digital transformation and innovation.”


Myth: Augmented staff won't align with our project timelines.

Reality: They are used to working within strict deadlines.

„Clear project timelines and milestones help augmented staff deliver on time.”


Myth: Augmented staff can't contribute to innovation.

Reality: They bring fresh perspectives and new ideas.

„Their diverse experience across industries can lead to innovative solutions and improvements.”


Myth: Augmented staff can't handle complex technical challenges.

Reality: They often specialize in tackling complex problems.

„Their extensive technical expertise and problem-solving skills address intricate project needs.”


Myth: IT staff augmentation reduces the need for in-house training.

Reality: It complements in-house training by providing immediate expertise.

„Augmented staff can support and enhance internal training programs, ensuring continuous skill development.”


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