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Balazs Refi

April 4, 2024

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IT Staffing Agency in Florida? Choose Bluebird, an IT specialized Staff Augmentation company with 22 years of experience. Let's get in touch!


Hi, my name is Balazs Refi, I'm the founder and CEO of Bluebird. I have been working in the IT staffing market since 2001. If you're a business owner or a decision maker in Florida and wondering how to grow your IT team easily, I'll show you how Bluebird, my Europe and Florida-based staffing agency can help you. Let's get into it!


My company, Bluebird has over 140 software developers working on remote and onsite IT projects at the moment.

Gain access

You can gain access to the US and the European IT resource market through us. We offer reliable, experienced IT tech talents.

IT staffing

You'll have strong support from Bluebird. Over 40 senior IT recruitment & IT sourcing specialists will help your growth.

Yes, if you want to expand your IT team, we can be of great help. I'll show you how!

IT Staffing Agency Florida - Bluebird

Why Bluebird?

Our company, Bluebird International was founded in Hungary, Europe, in 2001. Today, our company has grown to 160 employees and is a major player in the Hungarian market.

Bluebird Global Inc. was established in Florida in 2023, and our primary objective is to work with US-based companies that wish to augment their IT teams with remote software developers. We are the source, the source of IT specialists.

  1. 1
    Do we have enough experience? We do. We have 22 years of experience.
  2. 2
    Do we have enough senior IT professionals? We have 100 IT and 60 HR professionals and can access thousands.
  3. 3
    Do we have enough revenue? Yes. We had over 8.5 million USD in 2022.

So why are we expanding, why do we work on the US market?

Because we believe that the professionalism we represent, the speed with which we work, and the passion we have for IT enable us to provide superior IT contracting services in Florida.

Our Services


IT Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation services equip you with on-demand tech talent for rapid growth, cost reduction, and adaptability to market shifts. We can help you streamline software development, fill staffing gaps and find the experts who match your needs best.


Tech Recruitment

Tech staffing solutions from Bluebird: exactly the tech talent you need, just in the construction you need them!


Software Development

Unique software needs? Looking for a dependable partner? Our custom software development services can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Trusted by Global Companies

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How you can benefit from Bluebird's IT Staff Augmentation

You'll get senior IT professionals working remotely in the same or nearly the same time zone (EU time zone). No office costs, no recruitment success fee, only daily rates for days worked. It's that simple.

What to do next?

Contact me on LinkedIn or send us a message. Let's start negotiating, and get to know each other!

Describe your needs!

Choose Bluebird as your Florida staffing agency

IT Staffing Agency Florida - Bluebird

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