Bluebird in Budapest

IT Staffing & Software Development Solutions In Budapest, Hungary

We are proud to be one of the leading IT Staffing companies in Hungary. Since our foundation in 2001, we have built our company from scratch and now employ more than 200 people.

Our services include IT Recruitment, IT Staff Augmentation and Software Development.

We have references from many small and large corporations, including renowned Fortune 500 companies such as BlackRock, Ford, MSCI or local giants such as OTP Bank or MOL.

Location Details

Company name

Bluebird International Zrt.


1134 Budapest, Vaci ut 23-27, H2O Offices



+36 1 266 2420

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CET)

Accessibility Information

The office is wheelchair accessible with elevators.

Bluebird International office - Budapest

Services Offered

IT Staff Augmentation

Bluebird's IT staff augmentation service provides on-demand tech talent to rapidly scale teams, reduce costs, and adapt to market changes. The service allows businesses to meet project demands with specialized skills without long-term commitments, offering flexibility and direct integration of remote experts into existing teams.

IT Recruitment

We offers specialized IT recruitment services with over two decades of experience in IT staffing. We provide tailored solutions for hiring developers, engineers, and other tech professionals. Our extensive network allows access to top talent, including passive candidates, ensuring clients find the right IT experts for their needs.

Software Development

We provide custom software development solutions. Our services include financial software, web and mobile apps, enterprise solutions, e-commerce platforms, and AI/ML solutions. With a focus on tailored software, scalability, and integration, we assist businesses by developing software on time and within budget.

Bluebird's Office In Budapest

Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest
Bluebird office - Budapest

Related Testimonials

OTP bank logo - Bluebird

"Bluebird is an important supplier of IT competence for OTP Bank. They are helping us to develop a new capability for data management, and real-time data delivery, within the IT Transformation Project. Bluebird's specialists are using state-of-the-art streaming technologies to serve the growing needs of the business areas within the bank."

Client Testimonial - Balazs Bakos

OTP Bank

Balazs Bakos

Senior Data Domain Lead

T-Systems logo - Bluebird International

"Our company (T-Systems Hungary Zrt.) is a member of the T-Group, one of Hungary's leading system integrator companies. The experts of Bluebird have provided high-quality software development and consulting services for our projects. We confidently recommend Bluebird as a subcontractor for application development projects."

Testimonial - Laszlo Blenessy


Laszlo Blenessy

Branch Director

Let's work together


with Bluebird team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Bluebird International offer?

Bluebird International provides IT staff augmentation, IT recruitment, and custom software development services. Bluebird offers specialized tech talent to meet project demands, tailored hiring solutions, and custom software solutions including financial software, web and mobile apps, and AI/ML solutions.

2. How does IT staff augmentation work?

IT staff augmentation by Bluebird allows businesses to scale their teams quickly by integrating specialized tech experts into their existing teams without long-term commitments.

3. What types of professionals can Bluebird help hire?

Bluebird can assist in hiring various tech professionals including developers (e.g., Python, Java, PHP), engineers (e.g., software, QA, machine learning), project managers, business analysts, and more.

4. What is Bluebird's experience in IT staffing?

Bluebird has over two decades of experience in IT staffing and recruitment. The firm has a vast network of top talent and have provided services to numerous small and large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies like BlackRock, Ford, MSCI, or SwissRE.

5. Where is Bluebird International located in Hungary?

In Hungary, Bluebird International is located at 1134 Budapest, Váci út 23-27, H2O Offices. The office is wheelchair accessible with elevators.

6. How can I contact Bluebird International in Hungary?

You can contact Bluebird via email at or, and by phone at +36 1 266 2420.