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IT Staffing & Software Development Solutions In Vienna, Austria

Bluebird Austria, established in 2012, specializes in IT Contracting and IT Recruitment.

We offer software developers, test engineers, project managers, business analysts, DevOps engineers and other IT professionals for hire. Our IT staffing solutions are marked by high professionalism, offering clients access to a vast network of highly skilled IT experts and dedicated teams. We ensure the right match of talent to project requirements, maintaining a robust recruitment process to uphold quality and reliability. This commitment to excellence and professional integrity has made us a trusted partner for numerous businesses in Austria.

Location Details

Company name

Bluebird Personalberatungs GmbH.


1070 Wien, Schottenfeldgasse 85/1, Austria



+43 650 331 1192

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CET)

Accessibility Information

The office is wheelchair accessible with elevators.

Services Offered

IT Staff Augmentation

Bluebird's IT staff augmentation service offers businesses the ability to quickly expand their teams with Austrian, or global tech talent. This service helps reduce costs and adapt to market changes by providing on-demand experts without the need for long-term commitments. Companies can seamlessly integrate remote professionals into their current teams to meet specific project requirements, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Bluebird specializes in connecting businesses with highly skilled developers, engineers, and other tech professionals. Our hiring solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We have access to a vast pool of top-tier talent, including passive candidates in Austria who are not actively seeking new opportunities. This enables us to find the perfect match for your company’s specific requirements.

Bluebird Team In Austria

Miklos Varga - CEO - Bluebird Austria

Miklos Varga


Miklos Varga is the CEO of Bluebird Austria (Bluebird Personalberatungs GmbH.), established in 2012, where he has been steering the company to remarkable growth and success. With a solid educational background from Eotvos Lorand University and extensive experience in leadership, Miklos has built a reputation for excellence in IT Staff Augmentation, and IT staffing. His visionary leadership and commitment to innovation have positioned Bluebird Austria as a reliable IT staffing firm in the industry.

Tamas Taby - Sales - Bluebird Austria

Tamas Taby


With over 20 years of experience in IT, Tamas Taby is a seasoned Business Analyst and Project Manager known for his expertise in data analysis, system integration, and project management. He has a proven track record of success working with major companies such as Santander Consumer Bank and T-Systems, delivering complex projects and driving organizational excellence. Fluent in multiple languages and certified in ITIL® v4 Foundation, Tamas brings a global perspective and exceptional problem-solving skills to any sales team.

Orsolya Szekely - Sales - Bluebird Austria

Orsolya Szekely


Orsolya Szekely is a seasoned IT recruiter with extensive experience working with prominent companies such as T-Systems, Raiffeisen Bank, and Erste Bank. With a strong background in IT recruitment and a passion for connecting top talent with leading firms, she has successfully facilitated numerous high-profile projects. Her commitment to excellence and professional IT staffing approach ensures she consistently delivers exceptional results for both clients and candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bluebird Austria

What services does Bluebird International offer in Vienna?

Bluebird International offers IT staff augmentation, and IT recruitment services in Vienna. We provide highly skilled professionals such as software developers, test engineers, project managers, business analysts, and DevOps engineers to meet various IT needs.

How can Bluebird International help with IT staff augmentation?

Bluebird’s IT staff augmentation services allow businesses to quickly expand their teams with local or global tech talent. This service helps reduce costs and provides on-demand experts without long-term commitments, ensuring flexibility and efficiency for projects.

What is the recruitment process like at Bluebird International?

Bluebird International follows a robust recruitment process to ensure high-quality and reliable talent matching. We leverage a vast network of top-tier candidates, including passive job seekers, to find the perfect fit for client requirements.

Where is Bluebird International located in Vienna?

Bluebird International’s Vienna office is located at Schottenfeldgasse 85/1, 1070 Wien, Austria.

What are the contact details for Bluebird International in Vienna?

You can contact Bluebird International in Vienna via email at or The phone number is +43 650 331 1192 .

What are the office hours for Bluebird International in Vienna?

The office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CET).

Is the Bluebird International office in Vienna accessible?

Yes, the office is wheelchair accessible and has elevators.

Who leads the Bluebird International team in Austria?

The team in Austria is led by Miklos Varga, the CEO, along with experienced professionals like Tamas Taby in sales and Orsolya Szekely in recruitment.

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