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October 8, 2022

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What is the online job interview process and what should you expect? We show the main tricks with the help of Bluebird's IT recruiters!


Recently, a rising number of people have switched to digital platforms, and online communication has grown in popularity. Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses prefer to conduct job interviews online due to their flexibility and quickness.

With the assistance of Bluebird IT recruiters, we'll walk you through the fundamentals and important techniques that will enable you to be truly productive and make the greatest possible impression during your online job interview.

What Is the Difference Between an Online Job Interview and a Traditional One?

The technique and essential parts of an online job interview are generally identical to those of "traditional" face-to-face interviews. Both cases require careful planning, attention, and openness.

Meanwhile, your communication options during an online job interview are somewhat limited, as even the most advanced technological solutions cannot completely replace and fulfill the roles and functions of nonverbal and metacommunication. In the absence of these, the interview's effectiveness is heavily dependent on how candidates and HR colleagues use existing opportunities and communicate.

An HR colleague, a professional manager, or even the future direct report is present at the interview.

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The General Process of the Interview, the Overlapping Elements:

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

Introduction from both sides, i.e. who is who among the participants?

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

Candidate's detailed introduction, i.e. what is remarkable about you?

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

Detailed description of the posted position, i.e. let's discuss the advertised position together!

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

Clarification of arising concerns.

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

More information about the team, i.e. who would you work with?

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

Reconciliation of wage demand and notice period.

Online Job Interview - Bluebird

Agreeing the "What next?"

Online Job Interview: Faster, More Efficient, but...

According to Bluebird recruiters, online and face-to-face forms have their advantages and disadvantages, which are:

Face-to-face interviews in the IT sector would significantly lengthen the selection process in the current market environment. Furthermore, it would also require extra energy from both sides to organize.

While an online interview is faster, more efficient and convenient, it may not provide you with an accurate picture of the other party. As a candidate, you have fewer opportunities to demonstrate your personality online. As an interviewer, you may have gaps in your company presentation.

While there are numerous advantages to online interviewing, make sure you switch in the second or final round, if possible. Create a framework for a face-to-face meeting to gather personal impressions, experiences, and information. On the other hand, in team fit interviews, you should strive for explicit personal presence.

Pay Attention to the Smallest Things, Because You Could Be Making a Big Mistake

Beyond all this, the online job interview is a sensitive process. Thus, both the applicant and the company's interviewer are accountable for the conditions and atmosphere. Regardless of the role you play, certain basic expectations must be met.

As an applicant, to ask relevant questions, you should be prepared about the company and the position. Your level of knowledge and interest also serves as an indicator of your commitment.

Important: come with a specific salary request. Fiddling with numbers during the interview to get a higher salary is one of the worst things you can do as a candidate.

Additionally, keeping to the schedule as a company representative also establishes predictability, security, and trust for the candidate. Furthermore, you need to inform them about the position, but informative and attention-grabbing way.

An online interview has a limited number of communication options as previously stated. So as an interviewer, you need to pay even more attention to extracting information about the candidate.

An uncluttered environment, punctuality (arrive a few minutes early), well-cultured attire, stable technical conditions, and a suitable background are all essential.

A stable internet connection, a high-quality camera, and a microphone communicate professionalism. In addition, appropriate attire and grooming demonstrate sophistication and mutual respect.

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A Positive First Impression Is Nearly Half the Battle

It's important to remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Regardless of the situation, you must be prepared, forceful, confident, and honest throughout your online job interview.

As a candidate, you can develop the best image of yourself if you demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the position. Additionally, your communicative approach and relevant questions will send a positive message.

Naturally, on the employer side, you have the tools necessary to inspire the candidate to say, "I'd love to work here!" "I'd be thrilled to work here!" You can do a lot to create a favorable impression by presenting the company and even the team in a relaxed atmosphere.

Furthermore, as an interviewer, you should avoid multiple rounds of interviews and assign "homework."

What to Do and What Not to Do in an Online Job Interview

Whether you are a candidate or an interviewer, your behavior will influence the outcome of the interview. It is critical that you devote your entire attention to the interview throughout the process.

As a candidate, download, and practice using the online platform you will use during the meeting. If necessary, familiarize yourself with its functionality and ensure that all the technical conditions and tools are in place for the interview to run smoothly. Sit facing a window if possible. Maintain eye contact with your partner throughout the discussion. As you are probably aware, this is a sign of trust and respect, and it also helps to keep the focus.

Notify your partner in advance if the time frame changes from what was previously agreed upon by both parties. It is critical that you remain focused throughout the process, so do not work or read messages.

A child or a pet appearing on camera has become quite natural in recent years. It is acceptable as long as they are not the primary focus of the interview and do not negatively affect the online interview process.

Life Writes the Best Stories

Our recruiters have experienced a variety of unusual situations.

Some have experienced moments of joy when a truly prepared candidate enters their rooms dressed in the most exquisite white blouse or tie. For others, the unstable laptop on the belly, the mood, and the lack of sleep has brought difficult moments.

It was another situation when the candidate realized that he had performed poorly during the interview. At that time he collapsed under the weight of the realization. However, due to the nature of the online connection, the interviewer was helpless in this situation. Although she tried her best to comfort the applicant, they closed the process with bad feelings.

However, we also heard a story where: "The candidate sent an email not addressed to me, canceling the interview. In the email, he wanted to withdraw his offer for a position at another company because he had received an offer for my position. It was very nice because he was genuinely serious about my offer." (Happened to an IT recruiter at Bluebird.)

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