Outsourcing Java Development: Best Practices

Diana Ipacs

September 29, 2023

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Let's explore the best practices of outsourcing Java development through staff augmentation, with a special focus on Fintech projects!


If you’re looking for remote Java developers to add to your existing team, you’re in the right place!

This guide aims to assist businesses in the Fintech sector with insights into effective practices for outsourcing Java development through IT staff augmentation. Our aim is to offer an understanding of some essential criteria and considerations when it comes to hiring remote Java developers. The guide touches on selecting an ideal partner, boosting collaboration, and achieving cost efficiency.

Let’s get started!

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Identifying Suitable Staffing Agencies

Choosing a proficient staffing agency is key when hiring remote Java professionals in the Fintech sector. Your selected agency should not only be adept at recognizing Java expertise but also possess an in-depth understanding of the specific needs and challenges within the Fintech landscape. We at Bluebird do!

Track Record in Java

The agency should have a solid history of providing Java professionals in the framework of staff augmentation. This history reflects not only the agency's proficiency in identifying technical talent but also its consistency in delivering experts who meet the clients’ specific needs effectively. If possible, look into the agency’s experience with Java for Fintech and the success of experts provided by them to gauge the agency’s competence and reliability.

Familiarity with the Fintech Industry

As a Fintech business, you will require a staffing agency that has a deep understanding of the Fintech sector. An agency with this insight can better anticipate the industry's unique challenges, needs, and compliance requirements. This familiarity is crucial in identifying experts who are not only technically skilled but also adept at navigating the complex, regulated, and dynamic environment characteristic of the Fintech industry.

Proven Success in Previous Partnerships

Analyzing feedback and testimonials from past clients can offer valuable insights into the agency's reliability and professionalism. Look for agencies that have received positive reviews for their effectiveness, commitment to client satisfaction, and ability to provide Java experts who are both technically sound and a good fit for the company culture.


  • When outsourcing Java development, choose an agency with a strong track record in contracting Java professionals and understanding the Fintech sector.

  • Assess their history, industry knowledge, and client feedback for a comprehensive evaluation.

  • Client testimonials and the success of previous placements are reliable indicators of an agency’s capability and expertise.

Outsourcing Java Development: Strategies for Smooth Collaboration

Outsourcing Java development via IT staff augmentation requires effective collaboration strategies. This is to ensure alignment in goals, effective communication, and overcoming potential geographical and linguistic challenges.

Establishing Effective Communication

Consistent, clear communication between your company and the staffing agency is vital from the inception of the partnership. Establish regular checkpoints, updates, and feedback loops to create an environment of transparency and trust.

The staffing agency should be proactive in providing detailed information about the qualifications, skills, and availability of their pre-vetted professionals. Having open lines of communication will facilitate a swift alignment of expectations, quick resolution of any issues, and foster a collaborative relationship conducive to successful IT staff augmentation.

Alignment on Project Goals and Deliverables

Precise articulation of your project’s goals, deliverables, and the specific roles required for the augmented staff is crucial. Collaborate closely with the staffing agency to guarantee a mutual understanding of the skills, experience, and attributes necessary for Java experts.

Having detailed documentation that outlines responsibilities, technical skills required, and expected contributions from the augmented staff will guide the staffing agency in effectively sourcing and recommending experts who fit your project’s unique needs.

Dealing with Time Zone and Language Questions

You might be working with professionals located in different geographical regions when outsourcing Java development. Acknowledge potential time zone differences and possible language barriers that might affect communication and collaboration. Choose staffing agencies who can offer support and tools for overcoming these challenges (if they arise).

Strategies might include scheduling meetings at times convenient for all parties, providing language assistance or training if necessary, and using collaboration tools designed to facilitate international communication.


  • Maintain open and consistent communication with the staffing agency for a transparent and collaborative partnership.

  • Clearly define project objectives, role requirements, and expected contributions from augmented staff to guide the agency effectively.

  • Proactively address time zone and language differences, selecting agencies that offer support and solutions for smooth international collaboration.

Optimizing Costs While Outsourcing Java Development

When engaging with staffing agencies for IT staff augmentation in the Fintech sector, it is vital to adopt strategies for cost optimization. This process involves a deep understanding of various pricing models, negotiating favorable terms, and keeping an eye on possible hidden costs.

Understanding Pricing Models

Familiarize yourself with the different pricing structures offered by staffing agencies for IT staff augmentation. Common models include hourly rates, daily rates, monthly rates, or per-project fees. Some agencies might charge a percentage of the hired professional’s annual salary once the placement is successful. Understand the implications and benefits of each pricing model to select one that aligns with your company’s financial strategy and project requirements.

For instance, an hourly rate might be ideal for short-term projects, while a monthly or per-project fee could offer more stability and predictability for longer engagements.

Negotiating the Terms

When outsourcing Java development, engage in negotiations to establish terms that are mutually beneficial and transparent. This could involve discussing the duration of the contract, the responsibilities of the hired professionals, the agency’s support level, and the conditions under which the contract can be modified or terminated.

Together with the agency, establish clear terms regarding the replacement of professionals if they do not meet performance expectations, and ensure there are no ambiguities that could lead to conflicts or unexpected charges in the future.

Monitoring and Controlling Hidden Costs

Beyond the explicit fees, think about all potential added costs. These may or may not exist depending on your specific situation.

These potential expenses might be related to onboarding, training, equipment, and may include software licenses. Being proactive in identifying, discussing, and planning for these expenses upfront is crucial for budget accuracy and control. It also helps in efficiently integrating remote professionals into your existing teams without financial surprises.


  • Acquaint yourself with the various pricing models offered by staffing agencies and choose one that suits your project and financial planning.

  • Negotiate clear and fair terms to establish a transparent and cooperative relationship with the staffing agency, avoiding future disputes.

  • Identify and plan for potential hidden costs associated with IT staff augmentation to ensure accurate budgeting and seamless integration of remote professionals.

We hope you enjoyed our article about outsourcing Java development. If your company is looking for IT professionals, especially in the domain of Fintech and you are interested in IT recruitment or IT staff augmentation, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right person for the job.

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