PHP Frameworks in 2023

Popularity of PHP and PHP frameworks. Brief info about potential uses.

Balazs Refi

May 27, 2023

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PHP Frameworks in 2023: check out the potential uses of PHP frameworks, the popularity of PHP and more. Get to know more from Bluebird!


I have put together a list of the most popular PHP frameworks for you. I hope this description is short, clear, and gives you enough information to be very useful to you. Also, I've checked the popularity rate of PHP frameworks at Google Trends, and the popularity index on Tiobe. I guess, you'll be a bit surprised.

At the end of the blog post, you can find more information that can help you to get PHP developers.

Let's get into it!

Popularity of PHP & PHP Frameworks

I've check 2 things about PHP:

  1. 1
    Popularity of PHP Frameworks: Using Google Trends I've managed to get clear data about this. To be accurate, the numbers on the chart represent search interest based on Google data. Yep, by far the most popular PHP framework is Laravel.
  2. 2
    The popularity of PHP among other programming languages: The TIOBE index is a trusted indicator of the popularity of programming languages. As you can see, the popularity of PHP is falling year after year.
Popularity of PHP frameworks - Bluebird Blog
PHP Tiobe Index - Bluebird Blog

Most Popular PHP Frameworks

PHP Framework

Main area of use

Main strength

Brief Description

Best Features

PHP Frameworks - Laravel

Web Application Development

Elegant Syntax

Laravel is a powerful framework with expressive syntax.

Artisan CLI, ORM, Routing, Caching, Robust Ecosystem

PHP Frameworks - Symfony

Web Application Development

Flexibility and Modularity

Symfony is a highly flexible PHP framework known for its modularity.

Bundles, Component-based architecture, Testing, Caching, CLI

PHP Frameworks - CodeIgniter

Web Application Development

Lightweight and Easy to Use

CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework with a small footprint.

MVC architecture, Active Record, Caching, Security, Error Handling

PHP Frameworks - Zend

Web Application Development

Extensibility and Flexibility

Zend Framework offers a high level of flexibility and extensibility.

Modularity, MVC components, Database abstraction, Caching, Authentication

PHP Frameworks - Yii

Web Application Development

Performance and Security

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework with strong security features.

MVC architecture, Gii Code Generator, Caching, RBAC, Error Handling

PHP Frameworks - CakePHP

Web Application Development

Rapid Application Development

CakePHP is a framework that enables rapid development of web applications.

ORM, MVC architecture, Caching, Authentication, CLI

Frameworks - Slim


Lightweight and Minimalistic

Slim is a lightweight microframework ideal for small projects.

Routing, Middleware, Dependency Injection, Templating, Error Handling


Web Application Development

Speed and Performance

Phalcon is a high-performance framework implemented as a C-extension.

MVC architecture, ORM, Caching, Asset Management, Security


Web Application Development

Modular and Secure

FuelPHP is a modular PHP framework that focuses on security.

ORM, HMVC architecture, Caching, Validation, Security

PHP Frameworks - Fat-Free Framework

Web Application Development

Lightweight and Easy to Learn

Fat-Free Framework is a lightweight PHP microframework with a small learning curve.

Routing, Caching, Template Engine, ORM, Authentication


Web Application Development

Fast and Secure

PHPixie is a lightweight framework designed for high performance.

HMVC architecture, ORM, Caching, Security, Extensibility

If You Need PHP Developers

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