Python Simplified: An Introduction for Everyone

Balazs Refi

February 5, 2023

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Python is a very popular programming language today. What is it for? How much does a Python developer make? We'll show you!


"What programming language should I learn? JavaScript? Python?" When a complete novice asks this question in a professional forum or to his IT friends, he has no idea what kind of discussion it will elicit.

Because everyone has a different idea of "how to get started," you'll get as many answers as many people you ask. Some people swear by the programming language they are currently using, while others extol the virtues of their own learning language, and still others attempt to provide practical assistance ("what the market is biting at").

I'm not going to answer the question or swear by a single solution, but Python is frequently mentioned among the languages and environments recommended for beginners.

What Exactly Is Python And How Can It Be Used?

According to the TIOBE index, Python is currently the most popular programming language. Based on search engine data, this index depicts the popularity of programming languages (including Google, Baidu, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, etc.).

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The Python story began in 1991 and has grown in popularity since then. But why do developers adore Python?

Why Do We Like Python And Python Frameworks So Much?


1. It's Simple

Python is a high-level language that is extremely easy to use. The syntax is quick to learn and the code is simple to understand. As a result, developers can read each other's (and their own) code more easily than in other programming languages, resulting in improved maintainability and ease of development.


2. Excellent Boarding Point

If you want to work as a programmer, you might want to start with Python because of its simplicity. It gives you an immediate feeling of achievement and you almost believe you've learned to develop. Of course, this is not true, and the question is whether your quick success will bite you later on when you're doing more complex development. However, it will undoubtedly get you in the mood for programming!


3. Large Community

The presence of Python themes in the online space is very significant. Developers often use the Internet to find answers to questions during software development. Whether to understand the causes of bugs or find solutions, it's perfectly valid to search the web for things related to development.

The large community ensures that there is almost no question, that cannot be answered. "I'm sure someone has come across something similar." 99% of the time, I believe the saying is correct. And if they have, they have asked the question online, and there is a good chance they have received an answer. You only need to know how to ask the question to get the answer.


4. Wide Range of Uses

It has a very wide range of uses. Let's see what they are!

Uses of Python

1. Web Development

Python simplifies the development of dynamic websites and web applications. There are several popular frameworks to choose from.

2. Data Mining

Python supports many data mining toolkits such as PandasNumpyScikit-learn, and others. With Python, you can easily process and analyze big data, even generate synthetic data, which can be very useful for companies to make business decisions.

3. Machine Learning

Python is very popular in the field of machine learning because it supports many machine learning frameworks and toolkits such as TensorFlowKerasPyTorch, and others.

Uses of Python - Bluebird Blog

4. Automation

Python is widely used to perform automation tasks. There is a huge variety of Python libraries used for automation. For example, Selenium for web browser automation, Ansible for system management, or Paramiko for SSH connection management.

5. Game development

Python is a good choice for game development. There are several libraries available, such as Pygame, Pyglet, or PyOpenGL. These libraries cover the basic functions of game development, such as graphics, sound, and event handling.

How Can I Learn To Develop On This Language?

The best way to learn a programming language is to focus on a specific task that you want to complete. Select a simple and predictable task! Your first task could be to create a simple game or a web crawler.

Set up your own development environment, including Python and an IDE (e.g. PyCharm). If you get stuck while creating your environment, look for a solution online. Believe me, others have met issues similar to yours.

About IDEs, check out our blog post for more: Python IDEs and Text Editors

If you have a topic and a development environment, look for an online course and take it! Codecademy, Coursera, and even provide such courses.

All that remains is for you to develop. Do one task after another, practice, and see where you can rise to!

Websites to Learn Python with Funny Games

  1. 1
    CodinGame: Unleash your inner coder and have a blast while learning Python with CodinGame! This innovative platform turns coding into a game, allowing you to solve fun and challenging puzzles, all while sharpening your Python skills. With a vibrant community of coders, you'll never be alone on your learning journey.
  2. 2
    CheckiO: If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to learn Python, CheckiO is the perfect destination. This platform offers a range of Python coding challenges that are cleverly disguised as games. As you progress through the levels, you'll not only develop your coding skills, but also have a great time doing it!
  3. 3
    CodeWars: Prepare to put your Python skills to the test with CodeWars! This platform offers a unique and engaging way to learn and master Python through a series of challenging katas, or coding exercises. Each kata is designed to push your limits and help you become a coding ninja in no time! 
  4. 4
    CodeCombat: Step into the world of CodeCombat, where learning Python is an epic adventure! This platform offers a range of interactive games that are designed to teach you the ins and outs of Python, all while having a blast. With a fun and engaging storyline, CodeCombat makes learning Python feel like play, not work.

How Can You Find A Python Developer To Join Your Team?

If you require a Python developer, you can select from the following options.


Do You Need A Developer To Join Your Team?

If your company is located in Budapest or Vienna, you can easily expand your team by using our traditional IT recruitment service. The process starts with the signing of the contract, followed by a meeting to discuss your Python opening. It is necessary to specify not only the technology stack and the developer's tasks, but also HR issues such as home office opportunities, office location, team, company values, and so on.


Python Development On A Daily Fee

If you need a developer for a specific project, we can provide a T&M (time & material) solution. A contract is also required to begin the process, which is followed by a meeting about project tasks. You simply need to choose from the Python developers we believe are best suited to the project, and development can begin. The number of days completed will be billed to you on a monthly basis.

Please visit our IT Staff Augmentation page to learn more about Hiring Python Developers!


Python Project Implementation For A Fixed Price

If you want the entire software development done, we can agree on a fixed price after the technical proposal is accepted. We can also perform system design and testing on request.

We're here to help you with whatever solution you choose!

Please fill out our quote request form and we'll set up an online meeting!

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