Robert Farkas – A Bluebird Success Story

Robert Farkas - Senior IT Project Manager On His Experience With Bluebird

"After over two decades at Audi, my journey to a Project Manager role at MAVIR Zrt, facilitated by Bluebird, was a unique experience. While I was initially positioned for an IT Architect arole, my actual work largely involved project management from day one. This transition reflects Bluebird's flexibility and adaptability in aligning roles with real-world demands."

Rober Farkas project manager - Bluebird Tech Team

Q: How did Bluebird facilitate your transition from Audi to MAVIR?

Robert: My transition was primarily through a recommendation from a former Audi colleague already at MAVIR. Bluebird efficiently arranged the interview process, and I started at MAVIR within a month of the recommendation. This process was somewhat atypical, happening during a holiday period, but it showcased Bluebird's ability to adapt and work efficiently under unique circumstances.

Q: What was your experience with the contract negotiations with Bluebird?

Robert: Bluebird demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail during the contract negotiations. They were thorough in ensuring all documents and details were meticulously handled.

Q: How did Bluebird support you during uncertain times in the project?

Robert: Throughout my tenure, Bluebird provided consistent support, ensuring I could focus on MAVIR's mission-critical projects. Their role was especially crucial in managing background processes and offering stability during project uncertainties.

Q: Can you describe the community engagement and networking opportunities Bluebird provided?

Robert: Although my participation in community events was limited due to distance, the few events I attended were beneficial. Bluebird's efforts in fostering personal connections and a sense of belonging are commendable.

Q: How did Bluebird respect and consider your personal and financial interests throughout your tenure?

Robert: While the remote working arrangement during my tenure was primarily influenced by MAVIR's policies and the onset of COVID-19, Bluebird was supportive and adaptable to these changes. They showed a readiness to respond to evolving work environments.

Q: Would you recommend Bluebird to your network based on your experiences?

Robert: My recommendation of Bluebird is based on their capacity to offer professional development opportunities. Their initiative in allowing key members to participate in professional conferences and workshops reflects their commitment to enhancing the value of their contractors.

All in all, my collaboration with Bluebird was a significant part of my transition from a traditional employee role to a contractor. Throughout, I could rely on Bluebird during the integration period and beyond. Their support was instrumental in my successful adaptation to a new professional environment.