CSR – Social Responsibility

The Way We See The World

We are lucky because we are in a position to help those who need help. We feel obliged to contribute in any way we can: with deeds, donations, money. We believe that involving our employees in our CSR activities is extremely important, because CSR is not just about donating money, it is also about taking action, helping others and making them aware of our responsibility towards each other.

We are more than a company; we are community builders and change makers who believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to support those in need. That's why we are committed to working with organisations that share our common purpose: to transform and improve the lives of those who need it most.

Our CSR Activities

  • Support for disadvantaged children

  • Support for sick children

  • Support for the homeless and destitute

  • Aid for refugees

  • Creating opportunities for disadvantaged talent

Mohamano Experience Workshop Foundation

Holiday Gift-Giving Initiative (November–December 2023)

Last December marked our second collaborative charity event with the Mohamano Experience Workshop Foundation. Our colleagues skillfully assembled dozens of Christmas gift packages that found delighted recipients among children living in Samod, a tiny village in Baranya County, Hungary. 

We started collecting the gifts and preparing the packages with great love and enthusiasm, and we hope that we managed to make many families' Christmases brighter.

The Foundation surprised us with a thoughtful and kind little gesture: we received a real stuffed Mohamano (translating to “moss gnome”, the foundation’s mascot). This gift will serve not only as a year-long reminder of this project but also as a symbol of the importance of caring and giving.

We extend our utmost respect and admiration to the Mohamano team for their exceptionally valuable and tireless work. We look forward to future collaborations!

Corporate social responsibility

Feszek Child Welfare Organization

Fundraising and Clothes Fair (April 26, 2023)

As the latest initiative in Bluebird's corporate social responsibility plan, we organized a fundraising event complete with a clothes fair.
The aim of the fair and fundraiser was to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection and sustainability, while also supporting individuals and institutions in need.

At the clothing fair, our colleagues had the opportunity to exchange clothes with each other or to pass on items they no longer needed but were still valuable to others.
At the same time, we organized a fundraiser for two institutions in Erd, Hungary, a women and children's shelter and Feszek Child Welfare Organization, at the invitation of the Mohamano Foundation. We collected clothes, toys, books, cleaning and laundry products and then delivered the donations with their help.

We had the opportunity to visit both homes and meet the residents. We got to know the family therapists and social workers who work tirelessly every day to make future life easier for the mothers and children who live there.

Thank you to all the colleagues who took part in the clothing fair and fundraising, they helped to brighten the day of so many children! And a big thank you to Veronika Stelczer, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Mohamano Foundation, for her help in organizing the fundraising—which helped to make the daily lives of two institutions easier.

Feszek Child Welfare Organization donations

Support for Disadvantaged Families in Szeged

Fundraising and Food Distribution (December 20, 2022)

"A drop of the good." It has come to our attention that our office manager Diana's father, has been organizing a cooking event for disadvantaged families and homeless people in Szeged for years, just before Christmas. The philosophy behind the charity cooking, which has become almost a tradition over the years, is that "Even if you give little, if you give from the heart, it counts for a lot." As every year, it is a heartbreaking feeling to be confronted with the fact that many families have to face the burden of deprivation at Christmas.

As in previous years, the organizers of the charity event brought the event to the attention of locals through an appeal, which reached many. This year, Bluebird was involved in the event and we offered our help with the preparations, food distribution and fundraising. Bluebird's team collected fruit for the needy before the food distribution, which we delivered to Szeged on the day of the event and added to the packages filled with non-perishable food that came with the hot meal.

Thank you for letting us be part of this unique and great CSR initiative!

support for disadvantaged people in Szeged

Demeter Foundation

Santa Claus Celebration (December 6, 2022)

In terms of corporate social responsibility, we wondered how could Bluebird get involved in the life of an organisation where sick children are waiting to be cured even during the holidays? Well, two of our colleagues, Fanni and Léna, visited the Démétér House on St Nicholas Day to give a craft session to the children currently living there. The Démétér House is one of Bluebird's priority CSR beneficiaries. We chose them because they fill a gap in the Hungarian healthcare system. They significantly improve the chances of recovery of transplanted children by the environment they create for them and their relatives.

The children really enjoyed making Christmas cards, especially because they created them for their family members and relatives who live far away.

In addition to making the cards, our staff also prepared logic games for the children, which they also enjoyed very much. It was good to feel and experience the love and care that the staff of the Demeter House give to children who are recovering. We are grateful to be so involved in the life of an organisation and it was a wonderful to see the happy faces and sparkling eyes of the children, even in their difficult circumstances.

For sick children on santa claus day

Oltalom Charitable Association

Fundraising (September 26, 2022)

If you've ever been to what is colloquially known as a "homeless nursery", you'll never forget those children. It's not just the donation that matters to them, but the fact that someone wants to give to them. We have long supported the kindergarten run by the Oltalom Charitable Association and we appreciate the fact that there is an organisation that reaches out to disadvantaged children, embraces them and cares for them.

This time, we managed to achive a lot by delivering and transporting the donations collected by the Mesevölgy Kindergarten in Pilisborosjenő to the location of the kindergarten. We are proud of the help we provided to the town.

Fundraising for the shelter charity

Demeter Foundation

Support for Garden Renovation (September 23, 2022)

We were able to visit the opening of the new playground at Demeter House, called the Fairy Garden. The Demeter House was created so that children born into a rural family who need an organ transplant due to an illness can stay close to their families. Unfortunately, the majority of organ transplant operations are carried out in Budapest, which in many cases separates sick children from their families for long periods of time or places them in uncomfortable conditions. The Demeter House first responded to this shortage in 2006 by creating apartments where parents can stay with their children here in Budapest, within the hospital premises.

The house is constantly expanding, this time with a new playground, which Bluebird has also helped to support! It was a wonderful experience to meet the staff of the Demeter House and some of the families living inside, who are looking forward to recovering in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

We are proud of the work of our staff and doctors at the Demeter House, they do a great job every day.

Demeter Foundation garden support from bluebird

Helping Refugees from Ukraine

Fundraising (March 7, 2022)

The attack on Ukraine has shocked the whole world. It was only natural that Bluebird should do its part to help those in need. Shortly after the outbreak of war, we organised an internal fundraiser for refugees fleeing Ukraine. We were mainly looking for donations that would be of great help to families with young children, so we collected nappies, baby food, warm sleeping bags and other cleaning products. In addition, the parcels also included durable food and clothes, which were much needed in the harsh late winter weather.

In just one week, we received a large number of donations, which were distributed through the Charity Service of the Order of Malta to people in need who arrived in Budapest by train. Our sincere thanks to our colleagues and to the organization for their help in responding quickly to this sudden emergency!

Helping refugees from ukraine - bluebird

János Wesley Kindergarten

Fundraising (October 26, 2021)

For the second week in a row, the Bluebird team joined forces to collect non-perishable food, basic cleaning supplies and toys for the kindergarten, put them in small bags and delivered them personally to the shelter's residents, along with the apples they had collected the week before. It was a great feeling to not only collect donations but also to give the needy something that we had hand-picked from the apple tree for them, making the gift packs feel much more personal.

In our daily rush, we must not forget that everyone needs attention, care and thoughtfulness, and in return we receive the greatest gift of all, joyful smiles from the children. Many of the Bluebird team were involved in the apple picking and fundraising, so this has given the team a solid foundation and reinforced their commitment to Bluebird's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.

Janos Wesley homeless school support - bluebird

János Wesley Kindergarten

Apple Harvest (October 22, 2021)

"Better to give than to receive!" This time, Bluebird's activity-based corporate social initiative was an apple picking event, in which we supported two organisations. On the afternoon of a nice October day, the Bluebird team visited an apple orchard, where 186 kg of apples were picked. The collected apples were donated to two organisations that are key players in the homelessness care in Budapest. One is the Shelter Foundation and the other is the Homeless Kindergarten.

The Shelter Foundation is one of the largest and oldest organisations working with the homeless, which among other things provides meals for the homeless. The Homeless Kindergarten is mainly an institution for the integration of children with multiple disadvantages, helping families in need to meet their basic needs (food, clothing).

Helping others is a joy and easier than you think. Thank you very much for the opportunity, for the organisation and to the apple picking team for their participation!

Janos Wesley-homeless school apple picking - bluebird