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A collection of links for SPRING developers, so that the most important websites are always available to you


August 6, 2023

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This Spring framework link collection was handcrafted for developers so that the most important websites will always be at your fingertips.


If you're a Java developer working with the Spring framework, you likely have numerous URLs for various aspects of development. These might include forums, blogs, or event websites. Typically, you would save each of these URLs somewhere and later search through them to find the specific conference website, or recall which website you last posted on.

Our aim is to simplify your workflow by providing a single site address that gives you access to all these resources. Let this blog post serve as that one-stop URL!

Here are the most important websites for you as a software developer using the Spring framework.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Official Websites And Documentation The official website of the Spring Framework.

Spring Documentation: Comprehensive official documentation.

Spring Projects: Spring project page.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Forums And Community

Stack Overflow: Stack overflow (Spring Framework topics).

Spring Community on Reddit: A dedicated subreddit.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Blogs & Personal Websites

Baeldung: Various tutorials on Spring.

Spring Framework Guru: A blog dedicated to Spring topics.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Video Content & Courses

Spring Framework - Official YouTube Channel: Features webinars, tutorials, and more.

Udemy: Search for Spring courses – many top-rated options available.

Java Brains: Series of free tutorials on various Java technologies, including Spring.



"Spring in Action" by Craig Walls: A widely-recommended book on Spring.

"Pro Spring 5" by Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop, Chris Schaefer, and Clarence Ho.

"Spring Boot in Action" by Craig Walls.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Sample Projects & Code

Spring PetClinic: A sample Spring project.

Spring Examples on GitHub: Repository of examples.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Conferences & Events

SpringOne: Annual conference focused on Spring Framework. Events: Events regarding Spring.


Tools And Extensions

Spring Initializr: Web-based tool to bootstrap a new Spring Boot application.

Spring Tools 4: Set of tools for any IDE running on Eclipse.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Interview Questions

Spring: The most relevant interview questions about the Spring framework.

Spring Boot: Interview questions and answers in different categories about Spring Boot.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog

Newsletters And Magazines

JavaWorld: Often features articles on Spring Framework.

InfoQ: Features news and articles that sometimes cover Spring updates.

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog


A Bootiful Podcast: A podcast with the Spring team and community.

Spring & Spring Boot: Youtube channel about Spring and Spring Boot

Spring Framework - Bluebird Blog


JHipster: A development platform for Spring Boot + Angular/React/Vue.js.

I hope you find our Spring Framework info collection useful. If you do, save it.

If you have any suggestions for websites to add to the list, please send them to

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