COBOL Programmers for Hire

COBOL is still used by about 90% of Fortune 500 corporate systems

COBOL Programmers Are Very Hard To Find...But Not For Bluebird

Choosing a COBOL developer is straightforward when you work with Bluebird. We have professionals ready to discuss your project requirements and assist you in finding the best COBOL programmer for your business. The COBOL developers we can get you, have been properly interviewed and verified, so you know you're receiving a high-quality software developer who can rapidly integrate into your team.

If you need a COBOL programmer to assist in your tech project, you may want to look for a company like Bluebird with experience in IT staff augmentation.

COBOL Programming

What is Cobol?

The Common Business Oriented Languageknown as COBOL is a business-oriented computer programming language.

How Do You Hire COBOL Programmers From Bluebird?

Within 24 Hours

We schedule an online meeting with you within 24 hours to go over the project, technology, and work needs. This meeting is being attended by our account and sales managers. We will go over the procedure, contract terms, charges, and the deadline for submitting the first round of candidates. The search will then begin immediately.

Every 48-72 Hours

Every 48–72 hours, we conduct progress reviews (or as often as is suitable for you). We will introduce you to the new candidates' profiles and reconcile the statuses of existing candidates. We would appreciate hearing from you regarding Bluebird's candidates or the selection process. Accurate administration, traceable process.

Within 3-10 Business Days

We always give our candidates to you between three and ten business days after the first meeting, or by the deadline you give us. COBOL Developers are chosen based on their skill, availability, areas of interest, and experience. We have to decline applicants who don't meet the consultation criteria.

What Is COBOL Programming Used For?

COBOL language is primarily meant for business use so the developers who know the ins and outs of programming COBOL are usually hired in the following areas:

  • defense sector
  • finance sector
  • insurance sector

where COBOL Programmers are doing:

  • construction of widely utilized transactional systems
  • maintenance of ticket booking systems
  • scheduling and operations of logistics systems

+ Benefits of having a COBOL Programmer on your team are: 

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workflow of business-oriented mainframe applications will be monitored well

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information needs of your business will be understood

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to guarantee seamless transactions, operational routines will be developed

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bugs will be fixed and new features added to your business applications

Why Hire COBOL Developers From Bluebird?


Industry Expertise

We have industry expertise dating all the way back to 2001. As an IT staffing firm, we assist clients in need of information technology professionals. To date, we have completed more than one million hours of software development work, which includes project management, software development, and testing.


Access to Top COBOL code experts

We have access to the best tech talents available. Do you require someone who knows COBOL coding? Yes, we can assist you!


Dedicated Developers

Our vetted COBOL developers work exclusively with a single client. At Bluebird, IT professionals are not concurrently working on other projects or accounts. They will remain on the project until the job is complete. We are not permitted to reassign our IT expert who was selected.


Highly Experienced IT Staffing Team

We place a high premium on recruitment. Our hiring process is perpetually active to ensure that we have immediate access to the best COBOL programmers

Our IT recruitment and account management professionals have an average of six years of IT staffing experience.


Affordable Prices and Quality

Our COBOL professionals are among the best. That is why we are not the cheapest, but in exchange, we provide experienced and enthusiastic colleagues who are focused on one goal: ensuring the project's success.


for experts in the COBOL Programming Language

Do you need more than just a COBOL Developer?

We can assemble a full Development Team for you!

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Bluebird Highlights

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  • As an IT staff augmentation agency, we placed more than 1200 IT experts at various tech firms

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  • Nearly 40.000 IT specialists are at our disposal

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