Hire COBOL Programmers for Legacy Fintech Systems

We provide for legacy systems and modernization by giving you COBOL programmers. They are ready to integrate seamlessly into your team. Let us know what you need for your Fintech projects and we'll help.

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Your Steps To Hire COBOL Programmers

Within 24 Hours

Kickstart your project by discussing your requirements and goals with our experts. This ensures we understand your project scope and can find the perfect COBOL talent for your needs.

Precise Candidate Selection

Every 48–72 hours, we conduct progress reviews (or as often as is suitable for you). We will introduce you to the new candidates' profiles and reconcile the statuses of existing candidates.

Seamless Integration

We always give our candidates to you between 3-10 days after the first meeting, or by the deadline you give us. COBOL Developers are chosen based on their skill, availability, areas of interest, and experience.

When You Hire COBOL Programmers

Core Applications of COBOL Programming

COBOL's dominance in business and financial systems is unparalleled. They develop transactional systems for the finance sector, creating and maintaining ticket booking systems across various industries and enhancing logistics through efficient scheduling and operational systems.

Strategic Advantages of COBOL Programmers

COBOL programmers are key to optimizing business workflows, ensuring smooth mainframe application operations, precise data handling, seamless transactions, and continuous system enhancements for peak performance.

Modernization and Integration with COBOL Expertise

COBOL experts bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern tech, enabling seamless integration with platforms like .NET and JVM and adapting to cloud environments for scalable, future-ready operations.

Agile Development and DevOps

Embracing Agile and DevOps, our COBOL experts accelerate the development lifecycle through continuous integration and deployment practices, ensuring faster time-to-market and higher quality software delivery.

Refactoring and API Integration

Moving beyond traditional boundaries, our programmers refactor business logic into microservices, making legacy applications more modular and easier to integrate with modern APIs and services.

The COBOL Modernization Promise

You're opting for a partnership that ensures your fintech projects not only retain the reliability and robustness of COBOL but also gain the agility and innovation of modern technologies, bridging the best of both worlds for future-ready financial solutions.

Tools And Tech When You Hire COBOL Programmers

Our developers are proficient in a wide array of technologies and tools, including:

  • Mainframe Systems: Expertise in z/OS, IBM mainframe, and other crucial mainframe technologies for fintech applications.

  • Database Management: Skilled in managing and optimizing databases like DB2, ensuring your data is handled with precision.

  • Integration Skills: Seamless integration capabilities with modern platforms and APIs, bridging the gap between old and new.

Why Hire COBOL Programmers


Global Trust

Our programmers have contributed to the success of fintech solutions for leading brands worldwide like Ford, GE, BlackRock.


Impressive Success Rate

We boast a 95% project success rate, underlining our commitment to quality.


Rapid Talent Integration

Connect with the ideal COBOL programmers for hire typically within 7 days.


Unmatched Precision

Our talent matching process ensures COBOL programmers meet your specific tech requirements.


Worldwide Talent Pool

Access a diverse and global pool of COBOL developers who can modernize legacy systems.


Timezone Flexibility

Work with talent available within your preferred working hours across key regions.

Engagement Models

Choose the model that fits your project needs

We send you COBOL Programmers

We are providing you with COBOL programmers who integrate into your team under your direction, enhancing your project's flexibility and output.

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Should we handle your whole project?

Consider entrusting your entire fintech project to us. Our comprehensive management includes planning, development, deployment + delivery.

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to hire COBOL Programmers

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is COBOL Programming Used For?

COBOL, or Common Business-Oriented Language, is a cornerstone of business, finance, and administrative systems globally. With its robust and time-tested capabilities, COBOL programmers are pivotal in sectors such as defense, finance, and insurance.

What about integrating COBOL with current technologies?

COBOL professionals adeptly integrate legacy systems with current technologies such as .NET and JVM, and they're experienced in working within containerized and cloud-based environments, ensuring a smooth transition and modern functionality.

Why would a company still need COBOL programmers today?

Companies need COBOL programmers to maintain and modernize the vast amount of existing COBOL code—about 220 billion lines—that underpins 70% of worldwide business transactions. Skilled COBOL programmers are essential for the smooth running of legacy systems and for transitioning to newer platforms.

Can COBOL handle the data security demands of the fintech industry?

Absolutely. COBOL programmers are well-versed in implementing robust security measures, ensuring that applications comply with the latest data protection standards crucial for fintech operations.

How quickly can COBOL programmers be integrated into our team?

Typically, we can match you with the right COBOL talent within 7 days, ensuring a swift integration into your team to keep your projects on track.