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Ruby Developers took part in creating Airbnb, Ask.fm, GitHub, Fiverr, Soundcloud and Couchsurfing

How Do Ruby Developers Fit Your Team?

If you hire Ruby developers from us, they will:

  1. 1
    Create the server-side logic for your web application
  2. 2
    Build back-end components such as databases, APIs, and business logic
  3. 3
    Use the Ruby on Rails framework to develop your application
  4. 4
    Collaborate with front-end developers to integrate their work
  5. 5
    Link your application with external services and APIs
  6. 6
    Develop automation, data processing, and command-line tools as needed.
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How Can Bluebird Help You Hire Ruby Developers?

Within 24 Hours

Within 24 hours, we arrange an online meeting with you to discuss the project, technology, and job requirements. Our sales and account managers are present at this meeting. We will go through the process, the conditions of the contract, the fees, and the deadline for submitting the first batch of applicants. The search will then start right away.

Every 48-72 Hours

Every 48-72 hours, we assess our progress (or as often as is suitable for you). We'll provide you an overview of the new applicants' profiles and update the statuses of the current candidates. Contact us if you have any comments or questions about the selection process. We like a process that can be tracked with accurate administration.

Within 3-10 Business Days

The prospects we provide to you are always available between three and ten business days after the first interview, or by the deadline you specify. Applicants who don't fit the consultation requirements must be rejected. The selection of Ruby developers is based on factors such as expertise, availability, areas of interest, and experience.

Ruby Vs Ruby On Rails - How They Differ

Ruby and Ruby on Rails create a powerful tool for web developers, but what is the difference between them?

Ruby on Rails is reliant on Ruby to exist and operate. Ruby, on the other side, does not need Rails to function and is often used without it. Simply, Ruby on Rails is an extension of Ruby.

Ruby - Bluebird

The Ruby programming language is popular among application developers, data scientists, and memory managers, but it is also utilized in a broad range of other applications. Ruby developers love working with Ruby on web application projects:

  • Powerful and simple script
  • Simple to scale and manage
  • Open-source language constantly being improved by Ruby developers
Ruby on Rails logo

Ruby on Rails is mostly used for server-side scripting and web application development. It may also be used to create interface scripts. The Rails framework is popular among Rails developers due to quite a few good features:

  • Rails scripts may be used to create HTML
  • Easily connects to databases
  • Application development that is effective

5 Reasons To Hire Ruby Developers From Us


Industry Expertise

Our knowledge of the IT sector dates all the way back to 2001. We help customers that need tech talents as an IT staffing company. Over a million hours of project management, software development, and testing have been put into our software development effort to far.


Access to the Best Ruby Developers

We have access to the top ruby rails developers for hire. Do you require a tech talent? Yes, we can assist you!


Dedicated Software Developers

Our Ruby developers for hire only work for one customer at a time. IT professionals at Bluebird do not work on other projects or accounts at the same time. They will work on the project till it is completed. We are not authorized to transfer our chosen IT expert.


An IT Staffing Firm with Years of Experience

We put a great value on hiring. To guarantee that we have rapid access to the top senior Ruby Developers, our recruiting process is always active.
Our IT recruitment and account management specialists have an average of six years of experience in IT staff augmentation.


Quality at an Affordable Price

Our Ruby Developers are among the finest. As a result, we are not the cheapest, but in return, we deliver skilled and passionate employees that are solely focused on guaranteeing the project's success.


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Your Project Needs More Than Just A Ruby Developer?

We can put together a full Development Team for you!

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Bluebird Highlights

  • At least 1.000.000 hours of software development since 2001

  • As an IT staff augmentation agency, we placed more than 1200 IT experts at various tech firms

  • We helped more than 250 of our business partners to find the right IT professionals 

  • Nearly 40.000 IT specialists are at our disposal

  • We work with 100 customers at the same time


FAQs Before You Hire Ruby Developers

What are the similarities between Ruby and Ruby on Rails?

  • Rails and Ruby are both open-source technologies
  • Their syntax is simple and consistent as they both make the language more efficient, avoiding any repetitive coding
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails create a powerful tool for web developers

What skills should a Ruby Developer have?

  • Have a solid grasp of object-oriented programming
  • Have prior expertise with back-end programming
  • Have an inclination to design reliable and reusable Ruby code
  • Have a great comprehension of Ruby syntax
  • Have knowledge of concepts like MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful
  • Have prior experience developing web apps
  • Have experience with common libraries like RSpec and Resque
  • Have a background in other web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

How much do Ruby Developers cost?

A Ruby developer salary in the United States is believed to be $106,234 per year. Ruby programmers earn incomes ranging from $41,500 to $146,000 on average. The average compensation for Ruby developers in South America is presently over $100,000, with a mid-level developer costing roughly $76,000. Because of economic contrasts, Eastern Europe and South America have fairly comparable rates. According to research from Eastern Europe, the typical salary for a Senior Ruby on rails developer salary is roughly $100,000.

What are the best Ruby frameworks in 2023?

Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Ramaze, Hanami, NYNY, Hobbit, Roda, Camping, Goliath, Padrino

Ruby vs Python?

Because Ruby and Python are high-level scripting languages, their programs do not need to be interpreted. They both enable cross-platform development, which broadens its appeal by making it accessible to Windows and Linux users. If you want to continue developing online apps, Ruby on Rails should be prioritized. The community is excellent, and they are continually on the cutting edge. If you want to construct online apps but want to master a language that is more generally applicable and adept at handling data analytics, then Python is suggested.