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Scrum Master Role - Bluebird

Our Process

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Scheduling an Online Meeting

Progress Reviews

Candidate Delivery

Candidate Screening

Selection Process

Contract Negotiation

Bluebird's recruitment process is efficient, transparent, and collaborative. We schedule an online meeting within 24 hours, conduct progress reviews every 48-72 hours, and deliver a shortlist of suitable candidates within 3-10 business days. We take full responsibility for screening out unsuitable candidates and negotiate the final terms of the contract, including the start date, salary, and benefits.

Scrum Master Responsibilities

The Scrum Master's role is similar to that of a coach or instructor, and differs from a traditional project manager's duties. Their primary responsibility is to maximize value creation by educating everyone involved in the project, facilitating interactions between the product owner, development team, and organization, and ensuring mandatory events occur during the sprint within the allotted time. The self-organizing development team does not require management, as tasks are chosen from the backlog by team members.

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An Excellent Scrum Master's Soft Skills

Teaching and Coaching Abilities

An important part of the scrum master's job is to assist everyone in the team in correctly following Agile systems. As a result, they need excellent teaching abilities, particularly for teams who are new to the SCRUM method. A great scrum master must not only know what to do, but also be able to explain the how and why to all colleagues involved.

Servant Leader

A servant leader is driven by a passion to serve the team. This is the polar opposite of the standard managerial style, which assumes a traditional top-down approach to management. A scrum master supports the team in achieving its goals and helps team members grow. A scrum master shows ethical and caring behavior, puts others' needs first, promotes transparency, and strives to empower those around them.

Communication Skills

People's typical communicative behaviors involve competing, judging, demanding, and diagnostic behaviors. The scrum master practices and teaches Non-Violent Communication to the team. A good scrum master prefers dialogue to monologue, pays attention to other people's feelings, and does not criticize. Instead, they strive for transparency and cultivate trust among team members.

Facilitator Skills

Being an excellent facilitator involves aiding cooperation between members of the scrum team. This is important during meetings, decision-making processes, and at times of change (e.g., structural changes within the organization or workflow changes). An excellent scrum master is trustworthy, objective, and neutral, and he or she has the ability to boost group effectiveness through collaboration.

4 Reasons To Hire Scrum Masters From Bluebird


Industry Expertise

Our experience in the industry dates all the way back to 2001. We support customers in need of information technology professionals as an IT staffing firm. We have completed over one million hours of software development work to date, which includes project management, software development, and testing.


Access to Highly Experienced Scrum Masters

We have access to the most talented information technology professionals. We are here to assist you if you require industry fit, product fit and/or company culture fit scrum masters.


Dedicated Scrum Masters

Our scrum masters work exclusively with a single client. At Bluebird, IT professionals do not work on additional projects or accounts concurrently. They will stay on the job until it is completed. Additionally, we are not permitted to reassign the selected IT professional.


Affordable Prices

You will be satisfied with the price, which will nevertheless reflect our scrum master's knowledge and project experience. Our Scrum Masters are primarily Hungarian IT professionals from Europe.


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