Hire Struts Developers in 2024 for Fintech

Discover the edge our Struts developers can give your fintech initiatives. Our team is dedicated to furnishing startups and brands with the specialized skills needed to push financial technology projects to new heights.

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Your Steps To Hire Software Architects

Consultation Within 24 Hours

 Initiate your journey by detailing your project aspirations and specifications to our consultants, pinpointing the ideal Struts developer profiles for your venture.

Selection of Experts

Through our refined selection mechanism, we pinpoint developers whose expertise and abilities are in sync with your project’s demands, ensuring an ideal match.

Seamless Team Integration

Our Struts developers blend into your team with our support, fostering a cooperative and productive partnership.

When You Hire Struts Developers

Custom Fintech Solution Development

Struts developers produce custom fintech applications, ranging from payment gateways to financial analysis tools, utilizing the framework's strength to create secure, scalable solutions.

API Integration and Development

Struts developers are experts in integrating crucial financial APIs and developing said APIs, ensuring easy compatibility between fintech apps and various financial services.

Legacy System Modernization

Struts developers improve historical fintech systems by improving performance, security, and scalability while adhering to current financial standards, extending the systems' life and competitiveness.

Security and Compliance Solutions

Focusing on the fintech sector's need for stringent security and regulatory compliance, Struts developers implement advanced encryption, secure coding practices, and compliance with standards like PCI DSS and GDPR.

Scalable Architecture Design

With expertise in scalable architecture design, Struts developers ensure fintech applications can handle growing user and transaction volumes without performance loss, preparing systems for future expansion and market shifts.

Performance Optimization

Struts developers enhance fintech application performance by identifying and resolving bottlenecks, refactoring code, and applying optimization best practices to ensure high speed and responsiveness for an improved user experience.

Tools And Tech When You Hire Struts Developers

Our team harnesses an array of technologies tailored for modern fintech projects, including:

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  • Java and Java EE for solid backend development

  • Apache Struts for the MVC framework

  • Spring Framework for comprehensive application support

  • Hibernate and JPA for effective database management

  • Cloud solutions with AWS and Azure for scalability

Why Hire Struts Developers


Track Record with Major Brands

Our commitment to quality and reliability is demonstrated through our collaborations with significant industry players.


High Project Success Rate

A 95% success rate in projects underscores the caliber and commitment of our Struts developers.


Swift Talent Connection:

Engage the ideal Struts developer for your project typically within a week, keeping your project on track.


Accuracy in Talent Matching

 Our selection process guarantees a harmonious match between developers' skills and your project needs.


Wide Talent Network

Gain access to a broad spectrum of Struts developers globally, offering diverse insights and solutions.


Compatible Timezones

We ensure the availability of developers who can synchronize with your working hours, ensuring seamless interaction and progress.

Engagement Models

Choose the model that fits your project needs

Extend Your Team with our Devs

Our Struts developers become an extension of your team, blending their expertise with your operations for enhanced productivity.

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Should we handle your whole project?

Entrust your project from concept to completion to our team, delivering a fully realized fintech solution designed to meet your objectives.

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Testimonial - Senior Java Developer - Bluebird Team

Daniel Kiss

Senior Java Developer

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"I have been working with the Bluebird team for over 6 years and I am completely satisfied. Whatever problems, questions, or requests I have had, they have always been helpful and often gone above and beyond!
I can only recommend them!"

Testimonial - Senior Java Developer - Bluebird Team

Zoltan Toth

Senior Software Engineer (Java)

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"I have been working with Bluebird for more than 3 years, and the client regularly renews the contract. Everything has always gone smoothly, anytime I have had to meet for administration, it has been handled flexibly and we have arranged a time for me to come in. If I have a question, they always help."


to Hire Struts Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bluebird help me hire Struts developers?

Yes, Bluebird specializes in IT Staff Augmentation services and provides experienced Struts developers for web application development and integration projects.

What expertise do your Struts developers have?

Bluebird's Struts developers have experience in developing feature-rich web applications using Struts. They possess strong knowledge of Java EE and are skilled in handling complex integration requirements.

What are the benefits of hiring Struts developers from Bluebird?

Hiring Struts developers from Bluebird offers quick turnaround time, access to senior Struts developers, and assurance of high-quality development services. In the meantime, it is cost-effective as well.

Can I hire Java developers from Bluebird who work on other frameworks?

Yes, at Bluebird, Java developers are available not only with Struts but also with Spring, Hibernate, and other popular frameworks.