Tips for Writing a Powerful Job Advertisement


February 23, 2022

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Creating a job advertisement is simple. We show you how to create a powerful job ad, and you will attract professionals like a magnet!


The basic rules of a powerful job advertisement

For years, the IT sector has struggled with labor shortages, with over 20.000 IT professionals absent from the market in Hungary (Europe) for half a decade, but the Association of IT Enterprises (IVSZ) predicts that this number will double in two years. During the same period, the number of advertised IT jobs will rise to 9.000, increasing competition for qualified individuals.

Additionally, it's worth noting that today's workers have a distinct vision for their future jobs, and salary is not always at the top of the list.

We know that a strong corporate brand attracts professionals to company employment sites almost magnetically. However, we also recognize that relying primarily on this magic is a grievous mistake.

If you want to hire the best IT workers, you must write the best job advertisements possible. You must create and distribute advertisements that stand out from the crowd, attract and grab attention.

With the assistance of Bluebird headhunters and an example, we'll demonstrate how to create an effective job advertisement.

The job advertisement that seduces you

You can only design an enticing job advertisement if you understand what the job entails. In other words, you must be aware of the requirements and expectations associated with the position for which you are advertising. This will assist you in comprehending and describing the individual you are seeking.

Furthermore, you should attempt to learn some of the qualities of the job advertisement's target group, if possible. Being aware of the needs and expectations of the experts you seek can make a significant impact, and the language you use can improve your approach and speed up the recruitment process.

Write a powerful job advertisement- Bluebird

The essential requirements for a successful job advertisement

Your job advertisement is similar to your company's business card; it's brief, visually appealing, a bit of a sensory overload, and an attention grabber. In the first second, it reveals a great deal about you.

Therefore, if you want to write an effective job ad, begin with a quick overview of the company's operations and selection procedure. Then, using position-appropriate language, concentrate on the essentials and outline the job requirements, duties, and criteria for the job.

You must pay full attention to spelling (failure to do so may result in an immediate loss of confidence). While you should use plain language, your tone of voice should reflect the nature of the job and the audience.

A more personal and direct tone is acceptable for developer or operator positions, whereas a more serious tone is appropriate for a manager or executive position.

Natural and authentic humor is one of your most effective communication tools, therefore it's not a terrible idea to occasionally use a clever change of phrase or position title. Of course, if you are unable to perform it viscerally, do not attempt it.

Tricks to grab attention

Using the appropriate keywords and highlights is an excellent approach to capture and hold the reader's attention. You can emphasize keywords related to your experience level (junior/senior/senior), or possibly keywords particular to the information technology area or technology environment (AI, machine learning).

For today's workers, the primary motivator has long been something other than financial gain. Home offices, remote work, and professional growth through company-sponsored training/courses have all become accepted norms. It's excellent if your organization can supply this information, but it's even better if you include it in your job advertisement, which may serve as the basis for your selection.

While everyone is interested to see benefit packages, and even more specifically, salary ranges and individual incomes, salary transparency is a sensitive issue in Hungary. Although this is essential information, it may be disclosed only with the client's consent or as public data. Moreover, caution is also justified because the issue of remuneration can easily become a subject of gamesmanship at a job interview.

Job advertisement example 

We are looking for a colleague with Python development skills and an openness to learn GoLang to join our client's team of 6 people in the US market, who are developing software in the healthcare field. The startup-like but stable and dynamically growing company offers an innovative and supportive environment, as well as professional development through training.

What they count on you for:

- Design, implement and integrate microservices.

- Developing and implementing microservices, designing and implementing microservices.

- Developing the import workflow of laboratory results.

- Integration of e-prescribing systems.

- Implementation of integration and unit tests.

Job requirements:

- At least 3 years of Python development experience.

- Proficiency in Git, Docker, MySQL, AWS, Rest, gRPC.

- Experience in Linux environment.

- Open to learning the Go programming language.

- Active, confident communicator with proficiency in English and native-level Hungarian.

- Creative, open, team player, proactive personality, ability to work independently.

What the company provides:

- Full telecommuting during covid.

- 3 days a week home office even after the virus situation.

- Support for professional training.

- Innovative environment that supports creative ideas.

- Startup-like, family atmosphere.

- Promising project (healthcare product for patients and doctors).

Apply or enquire for more details by emailing!

Thus, in summary, the most important tips are as follows:

Job ad tips - Bluebird

get your job advertisement noticed

Job ad tips - Bluebird

the tone should be direct but tailored to the target audiences

Job ad tips - Bluebird

include the benefits provided by the company

Job ad tips - Bluebird

precisely describe the relevant information about the advertised position

Job ad tips - Bluebird

written with 100% linguistic correctness

Job ad tips - Bluebird

well-structured and organized layout

Job advertisement - Bluebird

Platforms for advertising

After you've completed all of the above and your job advertisement is just waiting to be launched, all that remains is for you to choose the right platform:

How not to mess up a job advertisement

If you are already familiar with how to create percussive job postings, it does not hurt to be aware of how you can scare away potential candidates.

One of the most reluctant and common mistakes is to advertise so-called hybrid positions, ie when a client “hides” multiple jobs in a single job advertisement and position. The risk of falling over is very high, and not only does it not achieve its purpose, but it can even lead to reputational problems.

It is also worth paying attention to the proportion of expectations and benefits. But you can also get black points with ambiguous wording, stuffing sentences, and stenciled, boring terms (“competitive pay,” “youthful, vibrant team”).

Also very repulsive is the now very "trendy" ninja and superman type job ad and the permanently forced but distinctly clumsy "humorous" ad. Perhaps for a year, these advertisements were noticed by IT professionals, but that period has passed.

In summary


A well-written job advertisement is straightforward and informative,


tailored to the needs of the target group,


well structured, using highlights and keywords,


avoids familiar and boring phrases and expressions.

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