What is WordPress and How to Use It?

Balazs Refi

April 22, 2022

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43% of the world's 1 million best websites are based on WordPress. When is it worth and when is it not worth using WordPress? Learn more!


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). To put it simply, I would say that WordPress is good for developing web pages and content as quickly and efficiently as possible with relatively little or zero custom code.

The huge advantage is that you can do web content development so that you can modify the content without involving developers. It is like it is just made for bloggers. It is no coincidence that WordPress was launched in 2003 as free blogging software, out of which it grew.

WordPress is simple and very widespread among web pages and CMS systems. How?


65% of websites with CMS use WordPress. By way of comparison, Shopify comes in second place with a 5.6% stake.


43% of the world’s top 1 million websites were created in WordPress. Next in line is Shopify with 4.4%, followed by Wix with 1.9%. That, I believe, is a significant difference.

* Source: https://www.tooltester.com/en/blog/wordpress-market-share/

That is, more than a third and nearly half of all websites are created using this platform. Incredible market share.

Which is better, WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

On WordPress.org, you can install the WordPress software, as well as templates, plug-ins, additional information, educational materials, and news.

You will have to deal with WordPress.com if you want to create a free blog without paying for hosting. You are unable to install an extension in this place. It's not worth using in my opinion, even if you want to create a more serious blog.

I'll discuss WordPress as a content management system (CMS) in the remainder of this article (WordPress.org).

What is WordPress's secret to success?


Free and easy access.

To use this platform, simply log in to your hosting provider and start the installation. If you don't already have hosting, choose a hosting provider, register a domain, and install WordPress (in the manner permitted by your hosting provider). WordPress installations are guaranteed to take between 1-2 hours to complete.

What does this all mean? That even a complete (or nearly complete) novice can create a page. Naturally, it is only the frame; there is no design, no content, and nothing. Only the framework.

Additionally, you can install WordPress by downloading the installation kit and performing a manual installation.

WordPress is completely free software; you only pay when you purchase paid plugins (but I'll cover that in more detail later).

Are you looking for a professional website? Well, it's not going to be free anymore. WordPress itself as a framework is free and free to download, but if you want a website on your own, it will cost you money. And like many other places, it's true: "cheap meat is diluted juice."


It works.

Yes, after installation, it works. There are no error messages, and there is no need to hunt for various software components. It's straightforward to get started.


Over 10,000 pre-designed templates.

A template or theme is a web page component that controls the appearance and basic functionality of the page. Easier: consider the process of selecting a topic in Word when creating a new document.

The template includes all of the features you may need when editing a web page. You complete everything so that you are not required to upgrade anything.

Templates include free and paid templates. Moreover, you can develop your template if you understand it.

While it appears to be excellent that you can choose from 10,000 templates, in reality, where you go and what you select are important. Not only is this critical, but I believe it is the most vital step.

I have used several Bluebird templates and believe that the key to website development success is having a thorough understanding of the template you choose, all of its components, and a level of skill you can use. If you need to change templates, this is a simple process in theory but can be quite challenging in practice.


Countless extensions, immeasurable flexibility.

While WordPress has limitations, it is an extremely flexible tool. You can find the added functionality in plugins. You can download and install various plugins depending on the feature you require. Additionally, there are both free and paid versions.

If SEO is important to you, download the SEO plugin. If saving your webpage is critical to you, download a backup plugin. You can find a pre-made plugin for almost anything.

If you want your website to have unique functionality, you must improve or enhance it. There does not impede this; working with WordPress is simple.

WordPress competing products

If you are looking for a CMS that is similar to WordPress but for some reason you wouldn't choose it, you might want to check out the following. It is a good idea to consider the purpose of your website and then choose a solution based on its features.









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What is WordPress and How to Use It?

43% of the world's 1 million best websites are based on WordPress. When is it worth and when is it not worth using WordPress? Learn more!


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